Trees are the living beings that are strong enough to outlive multiple generations and survive in harsh environmental conditions. However, trees suffer ill health issues and damage due to many environmental factors. Also, the severe weather conditions like heavy rains, storms and extreme heat and cold contribute to the weakening of trees.

Many signs show that a tree is unhealthy or diseased. The tree owners need to know these signs and consult a landscape professional for the right advice. This post shares some common signs indicating a dying tree in your yard.

Splits, Cracks or Cankers

You might have seen the splits and cracks on the stems of trees. They develop in a tree for several reasons. If the splits or cracks are too deep they are a sign of the weakening of tree or other health issues. Moreover, there are cankers in the barks of trees. They are like holes in the barks that weaken the stem. The stem can break at any time during the storms or due to the weight of the tree.

Dead branches

If a tree sheds the branches regularly, it is a sign of the weakening of roots. Some branches are dead and still attached to the tree, but they lose their flexibility and become dry. Such branches are dangerous as they can fall at any time due to their weight or in a storm.

Trees shed branches as they grow new, but if the shedding is regular, it is a sign of the weakening of stem and roots. Such branches should be cut, and trees should be examined by a professional. If you live in Sydney, you can contact tree removal Baulkham Hills to get the trees examined.

Fungus and mushrooms

Some trees have fungus or mushroom around their base. They are the symptoms of infection that can spread to the whole tree or other plants in its vicinity. The fungus can be of any color, but mushrooms are mostly in white or brown color.

Tree with fungus around their base needs attention. If you see a tree infected with fungus, you should immediately consult an arborist or landscape professional for the required treatment. If the tree requires removal you can contact a tree removal service like tree removal Baulkham Hills.

Poor Architecture

If a tree has poor architecture like asymmetrical branches or irregular growth pattern, it is a sign of some problem. Uneven growth can occur due to multiple reasons. The most common reason for pool architecture and asymmetrical growth is the poor pruning of branches, harsh weather, and abnormal growing conditions.

Leaning trees

Some trees lean to one side due to their weight. However it is not the weight, but the weakening of one side or roots that leads to leaning. A little inclination is not a big issue; however, if the tree leans too much, it can fall at any time and can be a danger to life and property.

Pest infection

If you see a tree infected with pests continuously attacking, they may be hurting it that leads to weakening and dying of the tree. The pest and insects usually attack the infected and diseased trees. If not given attention the pests can attack other plants or trees in its neighborhood.

It is essential to contact a landscape professional to check whether the tree needs removal. If you live in Baulkham Hills or Sydney, you can call a tree removal Baulkham Hills service to remove the tree from your garden.

Unusual leaves

The leaves of some trees are discolored or odd colored; it is a sign of tree disease. Some trees have leaves with holes or rare spots that are the symptoms of illness. If the tree in its young age, some conditions can be treated. An arborist can tell the severity of tree disease. Contact an arborist or landscape professional to know if the tree can be treated or needs removal.

Rotting or Decaying of trees

Rotting or decaying occurs in the stem of some trees. The stem of a tree starts decaying when it does not get a proper supply of water and nutrients from the soil. A tree can also rot due to an infection or disease.

If the stem of a tree shedding the outer layer or developing rotten cracks or splits at various areas, they are the sure shot symptoms of decay. Such trees can fall anytime and can be a serious threat to kids, adults, and anything under them.

Final Words

These are the typical signs of disease or illness of trees. Some signs are readable by the tree owners, while some need a professional arborist. Landscape professionals may advise the removal of diseased trees to save other plants in the vicinity. The tree owners living in and around Baulkham hills can look for tree removal Baulkham Hills for removal of trees from their place.