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Top reasons why Miele Professional Washing Machines are great


Launderettes can be super busy places during peak hours and nobody who has just hauled all their dirty laundry over is ever going to be happy to wait for someone else to finish using the washing machine.

So choosing a set of coin operated washing machines that are reliable and won’t constantly break down is a hugely important choice for your business.

I believe the Miele Professional range of Washing Machines are the best choice for any launderettes, and I’m here to tell you why.

Why use Miele Professional Washing Machines

miele washer pw 413Firstly, and maybe most importantly when it comes to the financial side of things – these Miele Professional Washing Machines are ultra-energy efficient. The designers over at Miele have made a special effort to make these washers as energy efficient as possible by ensuring the machines use minimal water and electricity. That’s great for the planet, but it’s also great for your income too!

Next up is the cleaning results. These machines can clean laundry so well that they are even capable of meeting the standards set by the CQC(think hospital standards)! So if you imagine providing the customers of your launderette cleaning results that can meet those standards – you’re going to be getting happy customers for many years to come.

These washers are also built to last, they’re not some cheap machine that’s going to break down on you every 5 minutes. In fact these Miele washing machines have been proven to have the ability to run for 8 hours per day every day for 10 years. That’s the sort of quality we are talking about here.

And last (but not least), the design of the Miele Professional Washing Machines prevents damage to your customers laundry. This is achieved by the use of their honeycomb drum, which creates a thin film of water between the laundry and the machine itself. This has been proven by scientists to actually make the garments last longer and prevent them losing their shape too.

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