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How to mount a flat screen an idiot’s guide



We all want two things in life: a flat screen and eating in bed, can’t assure you that you will be allowed food in the bed but the flat screen is something we all deserve. If you have already bought one, Congratulations on your new flat screen! You have been aiming to buy that for some time. If yes, we know it will be more treasured than your last child. The flat screens are nostalgia, the overwhelming experience of watching your favorite game on a huge flat screen in the comfort of your house is unique.

Mount it right, keep the lighting in the room appropriate and voila, you don’t need to go to the multiplexes anymore. There are some active service providers for flat TV mount , who deliver reliable services but if you are keen to do everything yourself, following are some tips and tricks to do it all yourself.

Take your time to decide where you want it and then do the opposite. No matter how bad you want it to be installed in the basement; you have to put it in the lounge or bedroom. We all are tempted to have a cave of our own where we can eat and watch our favorite shows but life is not a dream.

Take the cardboard box of your flat screen and place it against several places. Different walls will react to the size of the screen differently. Check to see if there is some space left on the wall after placing the cardboard box if yes, that your desired location. Don’t place the TV on a wall where there is not enough place left. A white or margin is necessary to surround the flat screen.

The screen should be at eye level. Do yourself another favor, buy a tilting kit to get a good tilt, you will save yourself from potential glare as well.

One more thing which amateurs do is that they hand the screen on the head of the fireplace, this isn’t the best move. You will be required to provide a good environment for the cable system. The screen and the cable system can be in seriously harmed because of the amount of the heat present in the area.

Once the place is chosen you can start with the mounting process

Remove the base of the flat screen; place the screen upside down on the sofa or on any softer surface. Locate the mounting holes on the back of the screen. Keep in mind that the relatively recent models do not have mounting holes. The system comes with panels.

Bracket of Tv Wall Mount

Attach the mounting bracket to the back of your screen

Level both arms by using the scale which is given in the kit. Once both of the pieces are levelled, place the screws in the cavities making a way deep. Attach the brackets to arms with the help of the screws and tighten it perfectly to provide the strength.

Tip: once the brackets are installed perfectly, gather your strength and try to pull those out, hang yourself with the pair and do whatever you can to make sure that they are well in place.  You can deal with a broken bone or two but the screen you have purchased put up with a fall.

If that thing comes down to the floor, you’re done. Mounting the flat screen to a brick wall may be relatively difficult since you have to drill holes in a harder surface first. Rent out a drill and poke holes the wall first and attaché the arms or the brackets to the wall. Slide the flat screen through brackets till the end, to make sure the grip is strong, and last but not the least, if it all sounds daunting, call professional for flat TV mounting.

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