The configuration of a new iPhone is something very exciting … but where it gets complicated is when it comes to transferring files, iBooks, music, photos, videos, podcasts , applications and voice memos. It is not uncommon to encounter corrupted backup issues, system compatibility issues, iTunes, etc. and these issues require additional expert guidance or tutorials that can be found on YouTube.

But now, things have become easier with the IOTransfer software that allows you to configure backups for your files and transfer them easily.

What is IOTransfer for?

IOTransfer is an all-in-one iPhone manager, where your files can be transferred to your PC or other iOS device in seconds.For example, you buy a new iPhone and want to transfer your files from your previous iPhone, or if you want to recover music or videos on the phone of your friends, with IOTransfer you can do it very easily.

IOTransfer is a free transfer tool from the iPhone with which you can easily transfer photos from your device to your PC. So, we can say that this application is iPhone transfer and gives you direct access and gives you a very intuitive visualization of them.

The software gives permission to your PC or Mac to access the gallery of images of your iPhone, iPad or iPod and allows you to choose different forms of visualization, choosing between large, medium and small icons, along with details of the date and the size.

With the help of IOTransfer you can do without iTunes and spend tons of selfies that you have done and other photos of your personal computer to your iOS gadgets and vice versa. It is one of the fastest ways to transfer the images of the iPhone.

Photographs can be stored as a backup too. After testing it, we can safely say that this software will make your life easier if you are using an iOS device and have problems moving your Windows files to the smartphone or from the mobile to the machine.

Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable and go. 3 clicks are enough to transfer all your files, photos, iBooks … big or small.Here’s the press kit for you to get download link, license code, and screenshot.

Features Of IOtransfer 3:

All the advantages of this software is that it offers a much greater flexibility than iTunes for everything related to the transfer of music, audio books, videos, photos, ringtones, contacts, TV series … from an iPhone to a computer running Windows or MacOS. You can organize your playlists, create new ones, search for any information or file, and even delete songs or videos.The best part of IOtransfer 3 is that it’s a YouTube video downloader you can download videos from any platform

  • Converting videos and music to a compatible format for your device
  • Complete management of the contacts of the iphone (import, edition, deletion …)
  • Transfer of all types of files in 3 steps only
  • Filtering and searching for photos, videos …
  • Works with the latest ios update (10.3)
  • Creating or adding a photo to your album
  • Management and transfer of applications
  • Ability to connect and sync multiple ios devices to a single pc
  • Ability to import itunes playlist to your iphone without itunes

Advantages Of IOtransfer 3:

In addition to unlimited file and data transfer, there are many other benefits of IOTransfer software, such as:

  • Ease of use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Free evaluation version which allows to transfer 20 files per day for 7 days

There are a number of iPhone transfer software on the market, allowing you to retrieve or copy files relatively easily on a USB-connected iPhone. But IOTransfer stands out for its ease of use!