Most people use to think that blast chiller use to take so much of energy but in reality you should know that they are energy efficient units. So while using blast chillers and freezers you should maintain them on regular basis. For this first focus on keeping it clean all the time. Actually you should know that maintaining a standard hygiene level in all the commercial kitchen is very important. Otherwise you might have to give penalty for this. Other than that be very careful while buying the blast chillers as there are so many different sizes available in them. but you have to buy the size according to the storage space that you need to have. First of all analyze your needs and after that think about choosing the accurate size of freezer. Here in this article we are discussing about few tips that you can implement while maintaining a blast chillers.

1. Make Sure You Have Equal Air Distribution: 

Next thing that you have to do is to ensure that your blast chiller is having equal amount of air distribution in the unit. It will help you to keep your food fresh and hygiene for much longer time period. For this you have to make sure that you store food by maintaining a small amount of gap between them that will allow air to move evenly all around all the chiller. And also help you to make it much more energy efficient.

2. Before Storing Food Set Up Temperature of Chiller:

First thing that you should prefer to do while maintaining the blast freezer on regular basis is to set its temperature before placing the hot food inside it. Keep in mind that hot food can actually be harmful for other dishes as well. So, it’s better to let it be cool on the room temperature first after that put it in blast chiller. So yes if you are storing hot food then its temperature should be set almost 3°C for chilling and it should be -18°C for freezing. Otherwise there are chances that refrigeration system will be over-worked.

3. Prefer to Opt for The Right Size Chiller:

Next thing that you should keep in mind while buying the blast chiller and to increase its efficiency is to buy it in right size. So first thing that you have to do is to analyze the how much storage capacity you actually want to have in your commercial kitchen. other than that, also prefer to measure the space where you want to place the freezer. After that make your selection. Obviously buying the right size is very important otherwise it will be overused or under used. So if you have few amount of storage needs then prefer to buy small size chiller otherwise buy the bigger one.

4. Make Sure to Keep the Door of Chiller Closed:

The next thing that you should know while maintaining the blast chiller on regular basis is to keep its doors closed properly. As that will help you to prevent the chilled air to get out of the chiller. Other than that it will also help you to increase energy and efficiency of blast chillers and freezers. Basically these are small things but affect a lot on overall performance of chiller.