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7 TIPS BEFORE YOU TRAVEL: How to Maximize the Uses of Your Gadgets


Electronic gadgets are among the most essential stuff you bring when you travel near or far. Especially when you need them or when you’re traveling to far places, you never forget your cell phone, camera, laptop and others. They help you capture and share great travel moments that you’d take home with you.

These gadgets are useful, but sometimes, they do not function well or at their best because of the lack of attention, care and preparation you give them. Tremendous is their help, but without your efforts to prepare them well before you travel, they aren’t maximized.

To get you ready before your next travel plan, here are 7 usage tips for you to maximize the uses of your gadgets!



For photographers and for photo junkies, a full memory storage is such a heartbreak. There’s a feeling that you do not want to delete any of the photos and videos in your cell phone’s memory card even if a lot of them are from years ago. You, however, have to transfer them to your computer or external hard drive so that you can use your phone in taking pictures.

Make sure that at least a day before you leave, you unload your memory cards. Prepare a big memory storage, so that you will have fun taking countless photos and even making vlogs! You don’t want to delete stuff while you’re having fun; it doesn’t suit the mood, and it’s just a wrong timing, so do it before you travel.

A big memory storage also assures you that you’ll be able to take a shot of all the interesting and beautiful things, sceneries, people, places, food and everything else in the places you’ll visit.



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A big memory storage, even a famous camera brand and even a high quality cell phone camera are all nothing with a very low or dead battery power. One of the worst things that you can experience traveling with gadgets is when their batteries die. It’s like a dimming moment when you can no more take photos of amazing scenes and even contact your friends.

Be very certain to charge the batteries of your cameras, cell phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic gadgets before you leave for travel. It would be better and safe if all are 100% powered, so that you can have backups anytime. Don’t leave with half-charged batteries. You’ll surely regret that.

If there’s no need yet for you to use your cell phone during travel, just set it aside. If you play with it, it’s battery will go down quickly. By the time you reach your destination, it’s possible that the power is very much lower than what you need. If all batteries are charged, you won’t worry about looking for sockets outdoors.



Before you leave your place to travel, backup all your data. Unpredictable it is to know when your memory card might get lost, damaged or corrupted. To be sure, backup your data with an account or in another storage device.  



Especially if you’re traveling abroad and visiting a place for the first time, you are not knowledgeable about several things and directions. You need people to ask so that they can instruct you.

People, however, are not always the answer to tourists and travelers’ many questions. Usually as well, it’s the Internet and specific software applications. You can look up restaurants, tourist spots and other things you’d want and need to know. Also, there are apps which you can use when you need to book a transportation and a hotel, to find road directions and to make reservations in restaurants.

Check them all, and download the ones necessary for you. Also, scan them and take a look at how they’re used, so that you’ll know how when the need arises.



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If you primarily use your cell phone when taking photos and videos, it consumes a lot of power, not to mention that it’s also used when you communicate and utilize applications. That is why bringing your extra cell phone or an old one will be advantageous. You will be able to conserve the battery power of your main cell phone if you don’t have to use it for all purposes.



For you to upload and post on social media and to use the apps you downloaded, you need Internet. If you don’t have mobile data, you should bring a loaded pocket wifi. In that way, you don’t have to share with random people in public WiFi. Also, if the hotel’s WiFi is bad, then it won’t be your problem.

With your own pocket WiFi, you can go online, share real time moments and search for information you need whenever and wherever you are.  




Among the most important gadgets people forget at home or lose during travel are chargers. Well, they just make your gadgets alive and usable again. Chargers save them from dying a sad death. Power banks are travel-friendly.

Secure them, and make sure that chargers are kept together with their respective bosses: the gadgets they are in charge of (it’s a pun). Don’t lose them when you travel. There’s a tendency for you to leave them unintentionally in hotel rooms when you forget to put them back in your bags.

If you don’t have the charger of one of your gadgets, it’s definitely hard since there are different types of ports, and a lot of gadgets are strictly only charged using a certain port type. A lot of them don’t like sharing chargers with other brands, units or types.




Keep in mind that electronic gadgets are default in the essentials list of a traveler. Get them properly and surely ready before you leave and fly, sail or drive, so that you’ll be able to maximize their uses. Take care of them and keep them safe also, so that you won’t just use them well but also let their functionality be at their best! Travel well and have fun with your gadgets!  



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