Duplicate files accumulate in large numbers over time on your system. This digital junk not only covers disk space, but it also affects your device performance negatively. Deleting these duplicate files & photos manually could be a tough job thus we suggest you should use best duplicate photo remover tools for instant and effective. Here, we have explored some of these tools to resolve this problem.

Duplicate Photos Fixer: This simple yet powerful duplicate photos remover tool which helps you to sort and manage your photo collection . It helps you scan files & folders, iPhoto library and Photos library collection. Using this nifty solution, you can recover GBs of disk space in a jiffy. It works on advanced scan engines to perform deep scanning of your Mac. Here, it scans, detects and removes duplicate photo files even from the remotest corners of your device. This smart solution works seamlessly on multiple platforms including Mac, iOS, Windows and Android.

Photo Sweeper: Use this swift and powerful duplicate photo finder tool to get rid of all similar & duplicate photos on Mac device. It helps you clean identical photos both from internal and external storage. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with i Photo, Capture One, Adobe Light room and Aperture 3.0 and later apps. It also supports the cleaning of built-in Photos app collection.

It moves deleted files to Trash or special album that helps you recover them when needed. It displays auto-mark results to help you delete all poor-quality images automatically. It is a useful feature to save your time and  also helps you DE-duplicate photos taken in series-shots or burst mode.

Here, you can lock sorted photos that will not be deleted during the process as it can be only used for comparison. In addition to cleaning duplicate photos, you can also use this tool to delete similar videos from Photos, i Photo, Aperture and Light room apps. It supports multiple image formats to deliver accurate results.

During the process, it finds & deletes similar photos based on various parameters including color saturation, image dimension, and other edits. In other features, it offers batch rename files, results viewing option, safe removal, flexible settings, browser support, multi-core processors support and more.

Duplicate Detective: Use this comprehensive duplicate photo finder and photo management tool to DE-duplicate your Mac effectively. It performs a deep cleaning of your hard disk to find and delete all identical files & folders. Once it completes scanning your system, it helps you select files to delete.

Using this tool, you can recover tons of disk space in a jiffy. It works on the intuitive and clean interface and supports Retina-ready graphics. Here, you can select specific file & folders or simply drag & drop the files to the scanning area. Its robust search engines help you perform deep duplicate detection. It compares files based on advanced SHA-1 hash checksum algorithms to deliver accurate results.

It helps you find and delete all types of duplicate files including identical photos, archives, audio files, entire folders and more. Furthermore, it supports external drives, network volumes, Photos & i Photo libraries and more. You can even blacklist certain folders to keep them safe from scanning or further deletion.

During the scan process, it filters files based on the same size, same type, same name, same age and more. In other features, it offers double-check verification, one-click auto selection & deselection, option to enable alias creation and more. It moves all duplicate files to Mac Trash so that you can recover them when needed.

Tidy Up 5: Tidy Up 5 comes as a fully-featured and powerful tool to help you perform a deep cleaning on your Mac. Use this new generation duplicate file remover tool to recover GB’s of disk space effortlessly. It is engineered for efficient results with complete customization features. It supports the cleaning of internal & external devices both. In addition to that, it supports multiple libraries and apps including iTunes, Photos, Light room, Aperture, Mail and i Photo.

Here, you can even search for hard links or exclude them from the scan process. You can further replace the found items with hard links. It allows you to search unique items that have no duplicates. It gives you the liberty to manage found items at the administrator level. It is helpful to clean up obsolete data like old Time Machine backups etc.

This smart tool is completely redesigned with an intuitive interface and user-friendly experience. It offers multiple filters to help you manage scan results. It offers two different search modes i.e. simple mode and advanced mode. In simple mode, it includes more than 80 pre-defined smart searches and in advanced mode, it allows you to refine scan criteria for accurate results. In other features, it offers auto-mark results, view option, symbolic links or aliases, move or copy the item and more.

Duplicate Sweeper: Duplicate Sweeper helps you find and delete all types of duplicate files including identical images, videos, music & audio files, documents and more. It allows you to preview results before deleting any file. It is a useful feature to avoid deletion of important files. Under scan results, it allows you to select a file to delete or it will furnish auto-mark results for deletion.

It allows you to auto-select the files & folders for scan process or you can manually select them for scan process. In addition to deleting other duplicate files, it also helps you remove duplicates from iTunes library. It works efficiently both on Windows and Mac.

Nektony Duplicate File Finder Remover: Use this one of the best duplicate file finder tools to recover valuable disk space on your Mac. Using this free and effective tool, to delete or merge all duplicate files & folders instantly. It offers easy DE-duplication process where you need to select the files for scan process, select duplicate files and review them before deletion. It helps you find and delete all types of duplicate files including similar photos, archives, audio files, videos, multiple extensions and more.

It offers animated scan process with visual chart report for easy file view and management. In addition to removing duplicate files & folders, you can use this tool to remove identical files in similar folders, merge similar folders, restore removed duplicates and more.

Easy Duplicate File Finder for Mac: Use this powerful tool to find & delete duplicate files to recover a lot of disk space effortlessly. During the scan process, it scans files based on same name, file content, modification date, same size, empty folders and more. It supports the cleaning of data in various apps as well including i Photo, Photos, iTunes and more.

Working on fast and accurate search algorithms, it helps you find and manage all types of duplicate files. In addition to deleting duplicate files, it also helps you move or rename identical files in one click. This nifty tool is optimized for Mac OS X to deliver better results.

So, these are the best tools available to find and remove duplicate files & photos on your Mac. If we have missed your favorite tool on the list, then feel free to comment below.

Metadata: The best duplicate files finder tools help you find and delete all duplicate files on your Mac effortlessly. Let’s discuss some of these tools here in detail.