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4 Point Checklist for Designing a Gallery of Images


Admiring the WordPress image slider plugins that wordpress gives us on your page is almost the norm. Is that these plugins give us so much candidness when creating our site with this content manager, which leaves us mostly stunned. Select images that we can modify and animate to our liking with almost out of the norm options just to make our site more navigable and with a better design that allows exposing more easily everything we want our regular visitors to see.

Create an attractive image slider in an easy way

We always decided to use WordPress image slider plugins for its ease of use and willingness to adapt to the theme we have installed, resulting in a great tool for this mission. An image slider offers a quicker main view of what we want to promote to sell or simply teach those who visit us, giving us a certain style when doing it, which generates more interest and therefore more traffic.

Achieve it, it has not got to be difficult and much less expensive, we have learned that usually WordPress always offers us the plugins that will help us in ways that are free and we can install them safely from your site.

Another important thing is the expectations that we imagine about our slider, if it will be something for a client’s page for a personal project, something more scholastic or simply something that will have a higher standard, such as for a corporation or company that wants to innovate in the field of web advertising, being you must take into account these four points that we will leave you in this article in order that you are as advised as possible when designing this fabulous resource.

The correct plugins for the gallery

many of the galleries are created with very flashy plugins but little tend to be updated, this is why you should inquire about their benefits and have constant updates that improve their performance.

The weight of the images

It is something to consider because if they are too heavy they could slow down your slider, making them not look at the speed you need and making the visitor lose interest in seeing them.

The correct size in the image

It is everything, if it is too large it will come out and if it is very small it will not be noticed, usually the plugins will bring the standard measurements to be able to correctly choose your images and that you do not fall into an error.

Do not stock your slider with too many images

Remember that a slider is not a gallery and placing too many images will simply make it tedious and even boring, be specific and place those with the greatest visual impact with better resolution so that you focus on what you want to communicate clearly and concisely.

Having our website is something of work and perseverance but that can bring us much satisfaction, dedicate hours by placing the best content and the best attachments gives us the necessary motivation to see them work completely, that is why add these types of additions as they are the slider of images, give them that personal and dynamic touch that we are looking for in order to have the most visited site on the web.

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