Marketing a product on the social media is what most companies nowadays look for. But it is easier said than done. There are many ways in which it is the next frontier to conquer for the startups and small businesses as big daddies in the market new that already. That’s the reason why you see every other big brand like McDonald’s, Apple and Tesla prominently on the social media.

Companies look for the magic formula so that they can also get a foothold on the social media platform that can make their product go viral. But it is very difficult to change the mind of people who have been using a certain brand for years. How you can make them even use their product once if they are a die-hard fan of Nutella? Tough to say the least. So what’s the remedy and how does most companies succeed in maintaining a successful presence on social media?

Let me offer you a brief insight into a simple strategy that can work wonders for a startup and small business alike.

Penetrating Deep into the Minds of your Target Audience

I am sure virtually all of my readers must have seen ads on various platforms and even in emails and through text messages. It’s like a vicious circle but not all of us get trapped in this but still have to see these ads as there is no way out. I will not make you do this to your potential customers as this can simply be termed as spamming and it won’t get you that far. So you need to take calculated step in this concern.

A simple solution for anyone looking to make a mark with a good campaign is to contact a social media agency in this regard and leave everything on them. That’s an easy thing to do but as a company looking to progress in the marketplace, you need to know exactly how such marketing works especially on the social media platforms. Now I will try to offer a simple example about starting a clothing line by engaging your customers on their preferred platforms.

Know what your Customers Like and Make them an Offer they can’t Refuse

Companies do believe in their product and have full belief that they are worth the price they are about to charge. And I am sure that most of readers also think this way. But the person looking for a new product would not agree with you. He obviously doesn’t know anything about your product that you do. So you need to educate him with all the knowledge relevant for them. Remember that you have to create a need for them so that they will respond positively.

The clothing line you are about to introduce in the market will compete with all the best and renowned brands. So you definitely have to offer something to your target market that they will find interesting enough. It can be an offer that they can’t refuse like a huge discount or a bundle offer with low price. But this will not work for every customer. There you need to come up with marketing strategy on the social media that is right on the money.

Respect your Competition and Don’t be Overconfident

As mentioned above, you may have full confident on your product but so do other. And, in fact, they are successful at it. So you need to counter their offers and create a campaign for your potential customers that can address to any of the problems they are currently having with their current brand.

You can know about this through different forums and groups where people post their honest reviews and feedback about a product. You can know so much here and create a counter offer.

Remember that you need to convert the customers of the other brand to your clothing line. So just simple posts mentioning your plus points won’t do. You need to create short videos, info-graphics and concise case studies to show that your product is good and is available for a very competitive price than the competitor. Use Twitter and Facebook to make these announcements and take the help of influencers and people with large following to spread the message far and across.

Final Word

Still looking for some answers or what to offer your feedback for anything mentioned here? Please use the comments section below in this concern.