Learn Tech News Technological advancements are always welcomed development considering the fat that they make our life better in general by solving specific problems. They do a lot more than a human with an incredibly high level of efficiency. Nanny cam for example helps you keep an on your nanny or babysitter from wherever you are. This gives you a sense of satisfaction as well as helping you maintain a similar level of closeness with your children.

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Technology is gradually shifting from the case of keeping records of natural happenings like the case of spy cams. It has gotten to the stage of augmenting or trying to represent reality like in the case of Pokemon go. It has gone from trying to from augmenting reality to even simulating reality as is the case of virtual reality.

Virtual reality or VR as it is usually called is interactive software that puts the user in a three-dimensional environment that isn’t really there. VR usually uses a special headset to simulate a real experience. The headset is responsive to the movements of the user, allowing the user to look around and see the full environment but in a different manner.

Though VR is not a new concept, it has gained popularity recently and is being used more frequently in different situations, such as gaming as well as entertainment in general. This article will be giving you an insight as to the latest trends in VR technology 2019.

VR based learning

This is most likely to trend in 2019. Pupils learn in an environment that they perceive to he comfortable and conducive. People learn faster and better when they partake in the learning process. This is very much lacking in modern day education as students are mere receptors of information instead of partakers in the learning process. People learn faster and better when they have the opportunity to have a personal contact with the subject of learning.

People also learn faster when they are excited. These cases listed above are possible with a VR headset. It will be no surprise if VR is introduced to the educational niche. It is already been used to teach medical experts such as surgeon and it won’t be long before other professionals embrace it.

VR based shopping

This is more inclined to retail shoppers than those purchasing goods in wholesale. While the amount of shoppers who are turning to online shops are on the increase, there are still a huge number of persons that will rather walk to a physical shop and they do this for good reasons. Sometimes, it is because they want to get the vibe of going shopping. Other serious reasons include but not limited to product not looking as good as it did online, product being below the quality that was put forward by the online shop,, product does not just meet expectations, etc.

Using a sofa for example, you can purchase a sofa online and use your VR based app to review it. With VR, you will be able to ascertain if a sofa will be a good fit, if the color will be blend in, if it will be too big or too small.

VR based presentations

This is already trending and I refer to holograms. This can however be taken a notch higher. Imagine being able to watch a live event from the comfort of your VR headset? This will be a new way to connect celebrities and their fans. You can now attend a live concert online from the comfort of your couch.

Imagine being able to showcase properties, real estates, etc from the comfort of your VR headset? As a person who wants to start a real estate business, you can opt for architectural visualization, virtual instructions or virtual commerce, in general, to enable clients to view your properties in an enhanced format. This is a definite step up from the use of drawings or mock carving of the piece of property you’re showcasing.

The trends listed above are the latest trends in VR technology in 2019. These trends were listed because I foresee them dominating 2019. Gaming on VR is also another trend that has been on for a while and doesn’t look like stopping either.

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