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SFR to boost economic development with political integration

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Founder of Beximco Group and one of the leading businessmen in Bangladesh, Salman F Rahman is expected to enter the political sphere of the country. Recently, the Awami League confirmed his nomination to contest from the party for Dhaka-1 constituency. Rahman has been known for his immense contribution to the country’s industries and the parallel growth of his business acumen and his company has set an example for other organizations.

Beximco was founded in 1972 after jute industry’s nationalization in the previous year sealed the control of Salman F Rahman’s family inherited jute mill. The company started with seafood exports and imported medicines to streamline the pharmaceutical shortage of Bangladesh.

Considering the persistent problem of shortage

He started Beximco Pharmaceuticals in 1980. Salman combined hard work with the vision of country’s pharmaceutical self-reliance and as a result, the pharmaceutical division of Beximco went on to become the first Bangladeshi company to be listed on London Stock Exchange.

Considering the dynamic Bangladeshi businessman’s progress on the business front, the country’s economy is expected to receive a boost with his entry in the political sphere. Knowledge of different global markets coupled with industry experience of nearly 40 years will prove to be an accelerator in the development of Bangladesh.

An expert on the private sector

Successful political entry is expected to bring strong emphasis on the infrastructural conditions of Bangladesh. Not only will this increase the number of employment opportunities, it will generate a sense of corresponding rise in skilled labor requirement. In this way, youth, along with the businessmen of Bangladesh, can work in the same direction of country’s progress.

Observing the journey of Salman F Rahman, from an export dealer to the founder of Bangladesh’s biggest conglomerate, it will not be an understatement to say that his business acumen, skill, and political involvement will help the country pick up pace towards achieving Vision 2021.

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