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9 Cross Browser Testing Tools for Your Locally Hosted Website


Being a developer or a tester, we all know the importance of cross-browser testing. Cross-browser testing tools are used by many of us that aids by easing the time and complexity a tester may face while hundreds of browsers and operating system combinations are targeted. However, situations may arise when we need to perform the cross-browser test on our local workstations before a website is deployed into production.

Hence, we have to choose the perfect tool that allows cross-browser testing of websites that are hosted locally. Let’s take a look at the top 9 tools that provide that feature.

LambdaTest – With the ability to test your website on thousands of different browsers and their versions, Lambda Test provides you the feature to efficiently perform cross-browser testing of your locally hosted website on a cloud platform.

All you need to do is open your browser and log in to Lambda Test, download the Lambda Tunnel that creates a secure connection between your local workstation and the cloud platform. By entering a secure Access Key, you will be able to start testing on the configuration of your choice.

Browser Stack

It is a cloud-based platform that will allow you to test your website across a widely varying combination of over hundreds of browsers, devices, and operating systems. They provide a Selenium or JavaScript-based automated testing suites, using which you can test websites hosted locally, in production or hosted via web servers.

With support for firewalls and proxies, Browser Stack provides a quite useful platform for visual regression, responsive as well as cross-browser testing.

Browser Shots

This tool does not provide the option for debugging and real-time device and browser-based testing. Rather, they capture screenshots of how the page will look like when rendered on the selected browser. Browser shots provides the option for cross-browser testing of your locally hosted on uncommon browsers like Reckon, Epiphany, Conqueror and many others. You will also be provided with the option to customize device resolution, adjust color depth, enable or disable Flash or JavaScript.

Sauce Labs 

Although Sauce Labs is meant for cloud based cross browser testing, it allows the user to set up a dedicated Virtual machine for testing mobile and web applications on different browsers. The testing suite supports manual as well as automation testing using JavaScript and Selenium. The tool has gained popularity because of the support it provides for integrating multiple automation testing suites and performing cross-browser testing of your locally hosted website via a cloud.

See Test  

 See Test enables continuous testing of the performance and functionality of your website on a variety of operating system and browser combinations. The tool ensures that real-time user scenarios are accurately tested by integrating with Opium and Selenium. It also reduces time complexity by paralleled executing hundreds of test cases in a callable cloud environment. Moreover, it also provides a bug reporting tool where you can post all the details of the bugs detected along with log files, videos, and screenshots.


Just like Browser shots, Browsera is another tool where you can compare your locally hosted website across different browsers and detect errors easily. The best feature is, you can test the contents of a website that comes with hyperlinks. You can even test the page on the back end without installing the tool. The tool does not only capture and compare screenshots but also tests your site to detect any inconsistency.

Cross Browser Testing

Supporting over thousands of browsers and their versions, along with multiple operating systems and device combinations, Cross Browser Testing is one of the most popular platforms available where you can test your locally hosted site. Apart from supporting localhost, it also has an automated screenshot capturing feature and provides the assurance that all testing is executed on real-time running devices and not on a simulated environment.

Browser ling 

Browser ling is a cloud-based tool for performing cross-browser testing. It provides a great support for API and has its own dedicated servers. Apart from pinpointing design issues, the tool also helps in detecting regression bugs by automated screenshot capturing. You can test your locally hosted website through secured SSL encryption . The tool is powered by JavaScript and HTML5 and provides a unique testing experience where you are not required to install any additional plugins.

Multi Browser 

This is a desktop application designed to execute cross-browser testing of your website, right from your local workstation. The tool can capture screenshots, as well as record the entire testing session. It can also be integrated with Visual Studio for playing the recorded automated tests. The tool has gained wide popularity for automated functional cross-browser testing on all major browsers.

That’s all from our side. Before selecting any tool or platform ensures that it not only supports efficient cross-browser testing but also has a secured network for connecting your local machine to cloud servers, since the security of your code should be your topmost priority. Happy Bug hunting.

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