The fire safety equipment is an essential investment because it can save lives in case of a fire. The smoke detectors are an integral part of the fire safety system. Smoke alarms are a common presence in our homes and office buildings and we just expect them to work. The mains smoke alarm installation is important but you should not just forget the alarm afterward and expect it to work if there is a fire.

Just like other appliances the smoke alarms also require regular maintenance and cleaning. If they are not maintained then they will not work effectively.

Here is a simple guide that will help you in ensuring the perfect installation of smoke alarms and properly working so they can help in an emergency.

1:) Selecting the Smoke Detector:

Choosing the smoke detector is a crucial decision. There are different types of smoke alarms available and you need to research which ones are the best for you. Make sure that you check all the features so that you know if it is the best choice for the property or not. To check the reliability of the model and type you are buying you should check the customer reviews.

2:) Get the Right Number:

One smoke alarm is not enough for a property because the fire can start anywhere. Each level of the property needs to have at least one smoke alarm. In a house, there are some areas like kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom that are more vulnerable to fire hazards and there should be a smoke detector in these areas. If you are unsure about the number of smoke detectors that the property needs then you can always consult a professional.

3:) The Mains Smoke Alarm Installation:

The installation of the smoke alarms should be done by professionals. If the installation is faulty then the detectors are not going to work effectively. The chances of a mistake are much less when the job is done by professionals.

4:) Testing the Alarms:

Do not assume that the alarms will be properly even if they are installed by a professional. A test should be carried out immediately after the alarm is installed so you know that it is working. Testing is not going to take too much time. Every alarm has a test button and simply pushing it you will know if it’s working or not.

There are some alarms that are self-testing but if the model you installed is not then you need to carry out monthly tests as well. Every month just push the test button and you will be satisfied that it is working perfectly. Monthly tests will also allow you to detect a problem and fix it immediately. If you the alarms you have are powered by batteries then monthly tests will alert you of the battery needs replacing.

5:) Cleaning the Detectors:

The pollutants and dust can accumulate on the smoke detectors and have a negative impact in their performance. It is important that you keep the alarms clean. The placement of the detectors makes it easy to forget them when cleaning. But add a light dusting of the smoke alarms to the chores included in cleaning list.