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Tips for bloggers how to grow an email base of subscribers


In order to attract traffic, bloggers often use the tactic of sending email messages to their readers, but not everyone is able to significantly expand the base of email addresses. So, how to increase the subscriber base and support its organic growth, we will tell in our article.

1. Subscription form and incentives in it

The subscription form is the surest assistant in increasing the list of subscribers, so make sure that it is in a place where the reader will definitely notice it. To encourage users to subscribe to your email newsletter, you can, use incentives in the form of an e-book, discounts, gift. So for the user, the process of filling out a form will be much faster and more enjoyable.

When deciding what kind of form you should use on your site, most people will likely agree that there’s only one goal – and that’s to collect as many new signups for your subscriber lists as possible. However, there are a couple of other things to keep in mind in the process, including that the form doesn’t:

  • Annoy, or interrupt site visitors – especially those on mobile devices, or who have signed up already
  • Force people to sign up to get what they want
  • Excessively add to page load times

Let’s give a couple of examples.

2. Social networks

Social networks are developing every day, for example, one of the most popular Facebook networks has reached 2.27 billion monthly active users. That is why it is impossible to ignore this channel in order to acquire new subscribers.

Integrate the form of subscribing to a page on Facebook. To do this, you can use the application that will insert the HTML code on the tab of the Facebook page. When you install the code on your page, a new tab HTML Tab will appear under your cover photo on the page. Go to the tab, click on the gear in the upper left corner and paste the form html-code. Insert a link to the subscription page in any of your comments and posts, just do it unobtrusively. As well, connect other social networks Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

3. YouTube Videos

YouTube audience numbers over a billion people – almost a third of all Internet users. Hundreds of millions of hours of playback – this is the daily statistics of the most popular video hosting in the world. From the YouTube channel, you can also attract email subscribers. Nevertheless, the creation of videos will take time, because they must be interesting and of high quality. Feel free to use non-professional equipment, because the main thing is the idea.

4. Sign up forms

Start with your email sign up forms. After all, you won’t have much of a list if subscribers don’t sign up. Collecting the right information can make a substantial difference between a list that flops and one that rocks. When it comes to your sign up forms, asking for an email address and first name is just the start. If you plan to use segmentation or personalization, you may need to collect additional information. 

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that the effectiveness of email campaigns no longer depends on the number of subscribers, but on the quality of the collected contacts. It is important to get involved and active readers. And for this, it is necessary to legally form an address database, in no case do not buy them. Only in this case, the subscriber will be happy to read your letters and follow the links from them. For the best work with your email base of subscribers use mailing services such as Campaign Monitor or Emma.

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