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Top Interior Ideas For Millennial’s


Authentic designs, love for warm wooden flooring’s, luxury yet maintaining the balance around their surroundings – millennial have a unique way of decorating their home. Before we get into what are their other choices, some people don’t quite understand and often ask “are we millennial?”

Those who are born between the 1980s to 2004 are known as millennial’s.  They love to use technology and keep on evolving with the designs of the home. Millennial’s utilize the space and make use of it for practical storage purpose.

There’s originality, functionality, and practicality involved in the home of millennial’s.

In this blog, we are going to mention distinct trends and ideas that you will find in every millennial home. To find out more, keep scrolling!

1. Usage of antic items

Generally, the millennial use antic items for the storage purpose. On the other hand, sometimes they even re-purpose the old worn out storage option into a unique and attractive art piece.

You will also find numerous artworks hanged on the wall. The unique artistic creations depict one’s personality. Additionally, you may notice bold decals and wallpapers that will make the interior look luxurious and elegant.

2. Les is more

The most common thing you shall notify in a millennial’s home is that the design keeps on changing continually. However, amidst all of it, the interior style that is forever-classic is the minimalism.

It’s trending and removes unnecessary items from home. The core concept of the minimalist interior is to decluttering the elements and makes space look sophisticated. In simple terms – less is more for millennial’s. You shall also find the vintage items that glam up the home.

3. Neutral Color Palate

Millennial’s are greatly influenced by the Scandinavian and minimalist interior. Therefore, the color palate you shall always find is neutral and pale colors like shades of white, pale grey and sometimes bold colors for amazement. It is also adorned with organic and patterned upholstery.

Besides, upholstery, the millennial’s bring natural elements like reclaimed wooden flooring, furniture, and plants to add warmth to the ambiance.     

4. Wooden flooring

For bringing out the authentic look in the home decor, millennial’s use wooden flooring. An environment-friendly alternative keeps you warm in winters and cools in summer.

Various type of wooden flooring options is available to select. Nowadays, reclaimed oak flooring is much trending. Remember, the darker color of flooring, the more spacious your room looks.

5. Lush Plants

As we mentioned earlier, how millennial’s have a significant influence on the Scandinavian and minimalist interior – you’ll find plants in every corner.

From cactus to succulents – the plants will create an edgy style thereby keeping the room with fresh air.

6. Love for brass

The love for brass is beyond a candle holder among millennial’s. There are so many items made of brass that you might find in the home. Starting from the utensils to the lighting and many more accessories that go well with the interior.

7. Technology

Millennial’s live in the age of technology where there are constant evolution and innovation. It’s also a fast pace of life, so the motto is to work smartly within a limited time.

The high-tech devices are often seen in the home of a millennial. Besides, switching off the lights through phone or asking Alexa to play the music, read the news – everything is through fingertips and using technology.

Comfortable yet classy, bold yet neutral and functional yet looking great – is all about the decor of a millennial. The moment you enter the home, you’ll know in an instant that it is of millennial. The ideas are of thinking out of the box but ensuring that there’s no harm to nature.

Those mentioned above are the trends and decor ideas that radiates millennial’s home. Remember, at the end of the day what truly matters is how the home makes us feel.

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