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Tips For Resolving Office Relocation Issues


Moving a whole professional space is never easy, especially if it involves office relocation or moving your goods to a long distance.

Organizing with several people from different departments of the company can cause many headaches and tensions, especially for the coordinator who is responsible for making sure the move goes well.

For long distance office relocation which might go beyond state borders or even more, keep in mind that you can really save a lot when you involve companies who deal in long distance relocation services.

We propose to you different ways to calm this tension caused by both short and long distance relocation of the business, or offices.

1. Get organized as soon as possible:

As soon as the office relocation has been announced to employees, begin implementing new procedures to encourage them to participate. All common areas should be visited to identify frequently used items such as equipment and files.

These things can be packed relatively early and stored in a secluded corner, labeled properly so they are ready for the movers.

Similarly, a simple marking system is much more effective than a system using symbols, colors or letters. Asking people to write their full name and their office number (if known) on the box containing their items is a simple and effective way to get organized.

Each department should have boxes of different colors or at least unique labels so that their objects are easily identifiable on the day of the move and during the unpacking phase. For convenience, all boxes should be labeled on the top and sides. Planning a move requires several steps that can take weeks or even months before the date of the event.

2. Communicate as often as possible:

The best long distance movers recommend giving clear instructions to employees. Checklists for moving offices are available on the internet and easy to use. It is even possible to customize them to fit your business needs!

Some things are easily forgotten, which is why they should always be included in a checklist. For example, all printers and faxes should be emptied so that no ink cartridges remain. This is a vital thing as leaks during the move could damage the equipment and everything around it.

Long distance movers

Preparing for the move is also a good opportunity to perform a thorough cleaning of the office. This can be a mystery to anyone. It is better to leave a building in the same state, or even in better conditions than when you arrive. This cleaning project offers the opportunity to get rid of waste and unnecessary files. There is often an abandoned drawer full of remnants of previous projects, decorations, abandoned sweaters or food and coffee provisions.

3.Be patient:

Employees often ask a lot of questions and even express their opinions during a move. Some may be reluctant to follow the plan and choose to store their records and office relocation or equipment in a warehouse until the move is complete.

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Carefully explain to all your employees that the checklist is provided to help them and that they have the right to express their opinion during the move. Reassure them that you have hired a reliable office relocation company to assist with the relocation, so there’s no need to worry.

Expect more slowdowns as your employees become acclimatized during and after the move. Collect impressions on the new location and when the job is done well, thank all those who participated in the making of the successful move.

For many people, moving your business is an opportunity to start anew and to start again in an improved business climate. So, do not miss the opportunity to do it right.

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