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Things You Should Know Before Buying CCTV Technology


Awareness about home security has improved a lot over the years, people are now looking forward for latest and solid systems for their security and safety and the CCTV systems ensures the right amount of the security of their premises. Therefore, the popularity of CCTV has increased a lot these days and many people are showing their interest to buy and install them in their residential as well as commercial places.

CCTV has evolved a lot in terms of technology the color and quality has not only improved but now you can also get HD footage. CCTV’s nowadays are laced with the latest technologies.

You Need to Know Certain Things Before Buying Them and That Are Listed Below: 

1. Storage System: Before buying a particular CCTV system you need to make sure that your system is well equipped with inbuilt SD card or it contains other internal storage systems. Because the storage system is very much important for any kinds of CCTV system and CCTVs with different SD card capabilities started arriving in the market these days.

CCTVs are now available with different kinds of storage capabilities like 32GB, 64GB is available in the market and some of these are upgradable up to 128GB in future. Buying cheaper CCTV systems will not have internal storage and results in storing in surveillance hard disk which may reduce the performance of CCTV in near future.

2. Easy to Install: While buying the CCTV system you need to make sure that CCTV can be installed easily without cables involved.  CCTV installation is mainly based on positioning and mounting so buying CCTVs that are easy to mount will save your walls from unwanted screwing and drilling the holes. A good CCTV product contains mounting stand and screws and some of the CCTV companies are also offering free installation services to your place. You have to bear only the costs of the particular CCTV system.

3. Waterproof Camera: Before buying a CCTV, the system makes sure it is waterproof and how long they offer warranty for a waterproof camera. Some of the companies will have a low-quality waterproof camera which cannot last long. So, buy the waterproof CCTV cameras from a reputed brand that had good reviews.

4. Camera Range: The maximum range of the CCTV camera is based on the image sensor and focal length of the lens. A camera that contains a greater range can capture objects far away from the distance. Especially for outdoor cameras, higher range is essential, and that range should be around 20 to 25mtrs.

Make Sure the Camera Will Work Offline and Contains Inbuilt Hotspot: 

CCTV System with in-build hotspot helps you to access the live stream in their Smartphone without in need of Wi-Fi system but it will work only up to 20 to 25mtrs distance. These types of cameras are helpful for the shopping malls or showrooms so that the manager can witness what is happening on all floors without connecting to the internet.

1. Outdoor Vs. Indoor Cameras: Before buying a CCTV system you must understand what the main purpose of installing a CCTV camera is. If you are requiring it for home or office premises the indoor CCTV cameras are more useful but if you are looking for grounds, outside shops, markets you have to install outdoor CCTV camera for better coverage.  For the outdoor purpose, you must prefer the one with good night vision.

2. Price and Warranty: A CCTV system with decent price and quality is available in the market.  It is up to you to choose the right one that suits your needs.

These are the things you should know before buying a CCTV installation for your needs.

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