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Diet Guide That Will Help You Clear a Drug Test


The best way to get rid of harmful toxins and drugs from your system is through a change of lifestyle. We all know the hype about detox and everything along its route.

Of course, we have natural ways of removing toxins, but after a while, our organs become overwhelmed, and we have to consume things that will speed them up and help them fight drugs and toxins within our bodies. You can check on Jimdo everything you should know about drug tests.

Apart from removing bad things, the idea is to change the lifestyle by implementing a healthy diet that will increase the number of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are vital for a healthy living.

Even though savory or sweet foods can seem comforting now, you need to avoid eating them every day and go for foods that will nourish you.

However, before that, it is vital to understand that drug detoxification is not only about abstinence, but it is about replacing a bad lifestyle and habits with good ones instead.

Diet Matters:

When you are, you or an addict occasionally abuses substances that will ultimately lead to poor dieting choice, skipping meals, eating late night and overeating junk and nutrient-free food. Many drugs will also prevent your body from absorbing and receiving the appropriate amount of nutrients through a healthy diet.

At the same time, abusing drugs will reduce the health nutritional intake that you should make each day, which is why detoxification will help you change your bad habits and implement good ones that will help you recover better and reduce withdrawal side effects.

You probably know that withdrawal symptoms vary on the substance you abused, but one of the most common symptoms is lack of appetite in combination with vomiting and nausea. That will make you reduce eating and lead to nutrient and vitamin deficiency.

Therefore, it is crucial to fill your body with appropriate nutrients that will help you cope with withdrawal symptoms. According to experts, a well-balanced diet is vital for people that are abstaining from drugs, because it will affect your overall health and mood, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Your Body Requires Nutrients – Have in mind that the addiction can lead to serious nutritional deficiencies, similarly as we have mentioned above. It is vital to provide your body with nutrients such as B vitamins and omega-3 because it will help you fight withdrawal symptoms and other side effects that will abstinence offer you. Apart from feeling better, you will have much more power to ignore cravings.
  • Your Body Requires Fibers – Apart from nutrients that will help you boost your immune system and reduce withdrawal symptoms, you have to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Digestive system will be under attack during the withdrawal period; you will experience bloating, nausea, and diarrhea, which means that you should eat diet, filled with fibers and probiotic bacteria. Fiber will protect your digestive system and regulate blood sugar, which means that you will reduce the irritability and mood swings.

Note: The worst thing that you can do is to use other things that will make you addicted too such as caffeine and sugar for staying awake. After a while, your brain will expect all other food to taste sweat, which will lead to a point where you will not be able to eat regular fruits and veggies because it will not feel as good.

At the same time, when you eat foods with a high amount of sugar that can become an issue because you will only create havoc in your body and substitute the addiction.

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What Your Body Requires:

  • Opioids – If you want to cleanse yourself from heroin or Oxycontin, have in mind that your digestive system will be in problem. The most common withdrawal symptoms are diarrhea, nausea, constipation, and vomiting. That is the main reason why most opined addicts have issues with electrolyte and withdrawal symptoms could lead to dehydration. That is why you should eat fiber diet that will help you reduce the digestive problems, and you can eat vegetables, whole grains, and different types of beans.
  • Alcohol – Even though you will be able to find alcohol much easier than illegal drugs, it is still damaging and problematic for the body. The first thing is that you will consume empty calories. In most cases, alcohol abuse will lead in folic acid and thiamine deficiencies. The most common problems are imbalances of proteins, electrolytes, and fluids.

That could lead to damaged pancreas and liver, as well as seizures and high blood pressure. Alcoholics should have a well-rounded diet so that they can fight this particular issue. On the other hand, women drinkers should add calcium supplements because alcohol abuse can lead to osteoporosis.

  • Stimulants – If you have been used meth and cocaine, you probably know that you got reduced appetite and inability to sleep. That is why you will need plenty of liquid so that you can find dehydration. At the same time, if you decide to stay up for long periods due to its stimulus, you will cause severe issues for your overall health such as memory damage, inability to concentrate and much more.
  • Marijuana – Even though most people think that weed is not addictive, it features some withdrawal symptoms. If you wish to flush it out of your system, you should avoid things you ate when you used it such as junk food and sugary sweets. The idea is to reduce the caloric intake and to find balance when it comes to healthy food so that you can nourish yourself without any additional problem.


You should consume a diet that will help you fight the addiction and cleanse your body so that you can pass any drug test that you wish. However, you should eat food that is low in sugars, carbohydrates, and fats, and try to go for more organic and healthier diet such as eating vegetables and fruits as well as whole foods.

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