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How To Take Care Of WiFi Extender Antennas To Improve Its Performance


Most Net-gear extenders contain Unidirectional WiFi Antennas that distribute signals to all directions. They are very strong and can send the signals to far corners of the house. They play an important role in keeping your WiFi network strong all the time. While they are good, by virtue of their quality, you can improve the performance by taking care of a few things.

In this post, we’ve discussed some useful ways by which you can make the WiFi antennas of a wireless extender better. Let’s get started!

Addition of an External Antenna:

You might be unaware of this but WiFi unit manufacturers sell external antennas. Even if your WiFi repeater contains antennas, there is no harm in adding some directional or unidirectional antennas to it. This is a significant move that improves the performance of a wireless extender

A good quality unidirectional antenna alone can make a significant improvement to the device. Even the far corners of your house will receive WiFi signals and you will be able to use the web even in those that were earlier not receiving any signals.

This makes the process of Net-gear Genie Setup easy, safe, and fast. The setup page is where you can also monitor your network traffic and easily use advanced features like parental control and guest access.

In case you face problems while accessing the setup page, you can visit and consult specialized technicians to help you with assured solutions.

High-Gain Directional Antennas:

While unidirectional antennas are a good choice, high-gain directional antennas have significantly contributed to the achievement of better WiFi range recently. They are also very capable of enhancing the wireless network coverage in all directions in a blind spot with poor WiFi connectivity.

More about Stronger Signals:

Some users report that their WiFi signals do not get better even after replacing the old antennas or adding some extra ones. You might be shocked but the reason for this is ironical.

Even a strong antenna can badly affect the performance of your WiFi network. This is because they can easily interfere with devices with radio waves.

So, the best move is to keep your wireless repeater away from such devices such as baby monitors, microwave, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Do not put it in a cupboard or cabinet. Make sure the distance between the router and extender is minimal.

A point to keep in mind is that you must never use a public WiFi for New Net-gear WiFi extender setup. A public WiFi can easily be hacked and so, your device’s security falls in danger.

Make the most of these antennas:

The best thing about an unidirectional antenna is that you can point it freely in the direction of your choice. The ideal direction is the one where the area with weak network signal is located. Never keep it on 90-degree direction from the center.

Another thing to take care of is to keep the antennas clean and dust-free. The neat device always provides better performance.

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