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Guide for Men to Master the Smart Casual Look


If you wish to have a stylish and practical wardrobe then it is important to have basic knowledge of the dress codes. It will make it easier to choose the outfits that you are going to wear. The men’s fashion industry has improved and grown with time. There are a lot of dress codes that are a little tricky to pull off. The smart casual is not the easiest dress code that is easy to get right. The smart casual is a phrase that is made up two opposite words so the confusion surrounding the dress code is understandable.

Here is a guide that can help men in mastering the smart casual dress code.

The Two Types of Smart Casual:

If you want to choose the outfit that is appropriate and adequate for the dress code then you have to understand the available options. It can be split into two categories: informal and formal.

The informal category allows you to wear stylish mens hoodies, polo shirts, and jeans. The jeans should be dark and clean. You should stay away from shorts and sleeveless t-shirts.

For the formal approach, you can choose from a blazer, jackets, chinos, collared shirts and trousers. If it’s chilly adding a sweater the outfit is an excellent choice as well.

Comfortable Footwear but not Too Casual:

To complete the look that is casual and yet smart you need to choose the right shoes. Choose the footwear that is comfortable but flip-flops are a big no. The flip flops are too casual and should be reserved strictly for a trip to the beach or pool. Open lace dress shoes, boots, loafers, trainers, sneakers, etc. are all good options.

Invest in Unstructured Blazers:

There are certain clothing items that are a staple item when it comes to the smart casual look and a blazer is one of them. But remember that the blazer should be an unstructured one. It should not have shoulder pads so that it has more of a casual look. The best fabric choices are linen-blend and cotton twill because these fabrics give a delicate look to the outfit and are extremely comfortable.

Light Colors Are Doable:

The dark colors considered an excellent choice for formal wear because they make the outfit look sophisticated. But black is not always the best option and the smart casual allows you to make the light colors work. The white polo shirts with dress pants is an excellent combination because the polo shirts are light and have an edge of formal touch to them. It is also suitable to wear with a blazer.

When Unsure Go for Formal Category:

There are some occasions when it is hard to determine whether to go formal or informal. When you are unsure you should always lean towards the formal category of smart casual because overdressing is better than under dressing. You can use a few items like wearing a blazer with pocket square because to tone down the look you can remove the item and make it look casual.

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