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Extremely Mistakes Related To User Experience No One Should Make


An extremely crucial aspect of designing an application happens to be the way through which the application would be used and the kinds of reactions it would generate from their users. For an application to develop successfully, User Experience plays a very important role. When any User would experience in exactly the way you want them to, the application will deliver in a smooth and productive manner, thus the positive experience will allow users to get engaged in the app from time to time.

So, for Simpalm, this would be ideal for them to ensure a good user experience, thereby making the full use of app development cost, which they require to incur for the whole process.

Now, let us look at some of the extremely annoying mistakes that developers often commit, regarding the user experience, which ideally no one should make any more in future:

Scrolling In An Infinite Manner:

Situations, when users require to scroll in an infinite manner, can actually be quite detrimental to the whole performance of an app. Through scrolling, an app usually looks to feed them with an unlimited amount of content. Thus, invariably the users will need to spend much time on the site.

Often, it tends to be an organization’s business model but it can actually do more damage than any good, app developers must get rid of this feature in future to provide users with more enriching experience.

Preloaders that are not real:

There are a number of ways through which an app tries to convince people that the content, which is looking for, is getting loaded and the system is in a work-in-progress mode. Unfortunately, this tends to be quite frustrating for the users.

This is especially because modern users are much smarter than their phones and fake preloaders like moving symbol, do not fascinate them any longer. Slowly but surely the attention spans tend to go down.

So, for an app development agency like Simpalm, they can look to make use of a progress bar, which would show a percentage of the page getting loaded. This would allow users to get mentally prepared that the page would load within a specific time.

Number Of Links That Open Up In Browsers:

If your app page contains links, whenever it gets clicked in a browser, it is actually giving a chance to the user to move away from experiencing your application. App developers for any organization, try their heart out to make sure the users stay on the app but opening up a link in the browser allow them to get into a whole lot of distractions.

Moreover, the opening of too many links in browsers also slows down the phones of the users.

Too Much Call To Action Buttons:

Very often, it is found that that one page containing too many call to actions like, click here to subscribe, click here to know more about the service etc. This tends to create confusion in the minds of the users. So, for app developers, just like an app development company in Chicago, Simpalm, it is important to develop apps that have one clear cut call to action button, which would direct them to a page containing all relevant information.

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