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Top 3 reasons to use composite materials in your kitchen design


If you’re in the market for a new kitchen and you’re struggling to decide on the best material for your work top, here are 3 powerful reasons you should consider using composites.

1) They are considerably cheaper:

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Image Source: Bentons Kitchens

In years gone by, people were often drawn to the traditional, strong looking materials like wood, granite, glass and marble. The problem however, is that these materials can cost a small fortune to include in your kitchen design.

When you use a composite material, you can expect to pay considerably less, as the materials that make up the composite (usually quartz crystals and acrylics) cost less to produce.

2) They are a lot more resilient:

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Image Source: Rene Asmussen

The problem with many natural materials is that they are what they are…and what they are NOT, is specifically designed materials, made for kitchen use.

Composite materials on the other hand, are made specifically for kitchens. This is one of the main reasons they are commonly stronger than natural materials and have a higher heat resistance.

They’re also less susceptible to stains, scratches and damage. And best of all, if your composite worktop does get damaged, they are MUCH easier to repair.

What’s more, composite worktops do not require bi-annual maintenance!

3) They are much cleaner:

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Image Source: Jean van der Meulen

One thing all owners of a wooden worktop will agree on is that they can be incredibly hard to keep clean. This is a problem that will not concern any owner of a composite worktop.

In fact, the composite worktop is so clean, you can literally just wipe them down with a cloth and warm water and they’ll look as good as new for many years to come.

This is because many composite worktops are “non-porous”, which means no food, liquid or germs can seep into the material.

This also means that the composite worktop is more hygienic too.

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