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How Web hosting Affects Search Engine Optimization?


It is one thing to have a great site and another to have a site that is visible to search engines. For businesses that want to make it online, it is very important that they maximize on every single avenue that will make them visible online. There are lots of factors that affect the visibility of websites. While many of these are linked to the design and structure of the site itself, others are associated with the web hosting companies.

It can be quite simple to deal with site related issues because all that you need to do is to hire a web designer who knows what it means to design for the search engines. The problem comes when the invisibility originates from the hosting side.

To protect and cover yourself from such occurrences, you need to be careful in how you choose your web hosting service provider. A wrong choice can jeopardize your search visibility and this can cost your business big time.

While many articles and publications focus on how to look for the right web host provider, this article specifically looks at how web hosting can affect your site’s visibility.

Server Location:

Before choosing a company to host your site, you need to find out about their server, this could have an effect in the way your site ranks amongst your competitors. Most search engines use Geo-targeting to prioritize sites that are to appear on search engines results pages. It will be very unfortunate for your site to rank well on a town A and yet your targeted audience is in town B.

Google has a way of getting your location details and uses them to decide the location to be prominent on. This has direct effect in the way you rank in certain areas. Always try as much as possible to have the host server located in the same country as that of the audience you are targeting. Web hosting companies that do not have the option for you to select the country of your choice can also limit your ability to be ranked favorably on search engines.

The Speed of the Server:

The server speed is an absolute killer to your site. In ranking a site, search engines usually look at the behavior of online traffic. Whenever traffic to your site makes a u-turn even before browsing through, search engines note that behavior and gives that particular site a low index.

Slow loading speeds generally occasion what is called bounce rates. The higher the traffic bounce rate to your site, the lower its relevancy on search engine rankings. Lower speeds are usually occasioned by the bandwidth that web hosting companies allocate sites hosted on it.

Blacklisted Servers:

There are some servers that search engines have blacklisted. This could be because of the fact that some IP addresses from those servers have been sending out content that is inappropriate or that is deemed to violate some internet usage policies. When you host you site on these servers, you may end up hurting your site as a result. Your site will have lower rankings and this will definitely affect your visibility online.

To avoid such issues, ensure you check the credibility of your server and check also the reviews online. They will help open your eyes and give you facts concerning the web hosting provider that you want to hire.

Server Downtime:

This is another factor that can affect your site’s search engine optimization. Just like a slower site, a site that is always down gets a bad reputation online meaning that lesser

and lesser people will visit it. The bounce rate from such a site is also high and this in itself is enough to affect your search engine ranking.

Web hosting companies that have poor services often experience higher downtime rates. This means that you need to look into this aspect as you select your web hosting provider.

Security of Servers:

Cyber security is a prime factor that you must not overlook when selecting web hosting companies. This is because it can jeopardize your site ranking and positioning.

Generally IP addresses that are full of scams and are deemed as being dangerous by search engine are blocked and made inaccessible to users. This is a killer blow when you come to ranking because most of them are delisted and made completely unavailable. Attempts to recover them may also prove futile.

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