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8 Wedding Superstitions That Crawled Their Way Smoothly in 2019


Weddings are fun, romantic and a grand event where two souls become one till the end of time. The dress, the flowers, the decors, the guest, the music, the bouquet, everything is so overwhelming in a wedding ceremony that it is more than quite often you see some teary eyes among families and guests. It is all so beautiful and magical that day should never come to an end.

Wedding ceremonies carry a lot of interesting traditions too, apart from reflecting the contemporary taste of the bride when it comes to centerpieces. These traditions are followed since ages, although, not each and every one of them is embraced by open arms by everyone and some of them are even broken from time to time to put some fun and distinctive style in the ceremony but nevertheless, they are existing even today.

Let’s go through some of them and find out whether its a yay or nay kind of tradition that you will want in your wedding.

No Pearly Wedding For The Bride:

In some cultures, it is considered bad luck if the bride wears pearls as it symbolizes the tears she will shed during the course of the marriage. With so many beautiful and stylish pearly presence on dresses and jewellery nowadays, it must be hard to resist wearing them on the wedding day.

1. No Peonies In Wedding Bouquet:

In a few cultures around the world, peonies are considered bad luck as it represents shame and hence, they might ruin the holy merging of two hearts together in the ceremony. With peonies being too pretty, it is a tough decision to make. What if peonies are the bride’s favorite?

2. Don’t Bake Your Own Wedding Cake:

Yup, its a thing. There are already too many traditions, symbolism and superstitions attached to the wedding cake but this one seems to be the most logical one. According to popular tradition, the bride and groom are not allowed to bake their own wedding cake as it brings bad luck to married life. Not sure how it will affect married life but surely it could affect the wedding preparation.

Already so much is going on with everything a day before the wedding, which couple would have time to bake a cake. Rather just order one through an online bakery and get online cake delivery in Delhi, Lucknow, Pune, or any other major city, quickly and hassle-free.

3. Days of Wedding:

Well, if you rely upon an old wives tale, the getting married on a Wednesday is considered most lucky, Monday weddings bring riches to the newly married couple while Tuesday weddings happen to shower good health on the couple. Which day are you getting married on?

4. Coin In The Shoe:

In British cultures, brides carry a coin in their bridal shoes to bless the forthcoming life with wealth and prosperity. It’s already a task to walk in those high heels with a flared silhouette of the dress, wouldn’t a coin will make walking down the aisle tougher?

5. Crying and Shedding Tears:

If a bride shed some tears on her wedding day, that represents that she is leaving all her sadness behind and taking all the smiles in her new life ahead. We say, why to shed a single tear on the best day of your life so far, besides, that mascara is too pretty to get spoiled, anyway. Laugh and giggle as you enter a new phase of life.

6. Wedding Bells, Literally:

In ancient Irish culture, it was mandatory to ring the church bells on the wedding day to ward off any evil spirits. Though we wish you don’t fall in the way of anything bad but instead of wedding bells, small chimes bell will make a sweet harmony while keeping the ritual alive.

7. Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue:

This one is the most popular by far. The borrowing from a happy couple is supposed to rub their good luck on you while the color blue showcases fidelity in the relationship. Overall, its a fun tradition for the bride, especially when all her girlfriends are rushing to offer her something she might like.

8. Whatever the traditions say, don’t forget to dance and enjoy the ceremony as much as you can.

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