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Few Things to Take Care While Buying Superior Quality Flowers Wholesale


Flower quality and its vase life differ to a great extent from supplier to supplier. If you know what factors to consider, you will have a good idea of the kind of quality a wholesaler peddles before you make buying decision. Whether you Buy Lily Wholesale or any other flowers, you must ask a couple of questions and some of them are enumerated below for your quick reference.

But before asking the questions you need to know the factors that affect the quality of flowers. Vase life of flowers depends on a number of things. There are things that you can control after getting the flowers. However, there are many factors that come into play before you receive your stuffs. Nevertheless, here are the factors that determine vase life of your flowers:

  • Temperature
  • Flowers’ age
  • Water
  • Hygiene factors

The questions that you need to ask the flower peddler before buying flowers are listed.

What is the age of the flowers?

Over the last couple of years, flower growers have been capable of growing flower varieties with longer lifespan than ever, once cut. The underlying principle is that this makes customers happy because the length of hours the flowers last is seen is being crucial and of vital value to the customers.

Flower wholesaler, sometimes, might trick to sell the flowers that they know won’t last longer though they look fresh. So ask them for honest information as to how long the flowers you’re going to buy have been in the storage or transit from being picked.

What about the hygiene factors of the flowers?

As it comes to flowers, hygiene denotes to the containers and water where the flowers have been stored in. When you Buy Wholesale Flowers, this is one of the important things to take care of. If the containers are not been properly treated and sanitized, bacterial and fungal properties can cause harm to the flowers while hurting its quality and appearance.

It also affects the longevity of the flowers. Ask the wholesalers whether or not the containers are treated with chlorine and the water is added with anti-ethylene preservative and anti-fungal agents.

Which temperature have flowers been kept and transported at?

Cut flowers age too fast while stored in warm temperature. But if they’re being stored under 80C, their vase life doesn’t get affected. Gerber’s, for example, age 40 times faster at 300C than that of 80C. Preferably, the flowers should be kept in a temperature controlled ambiance – from the growers though wholesalers to retailers or to your home by refrigerated trucks. However, this doesn’t always take place.

Delivery in refrigerated trucks is not always done across entire cold chain. It’s not possible rather. But if they can be kept in the containers of cold water (20C to 40C), the law of physics will be effective. Such an arrangement will keep the heat out while allowing the cold in for long distances extending the vase life and health of the flowers.

These are a few of many factors that must be taken care of while buying wholesale flowers.

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