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The Productivity Benefits Of Premium Office Space


The typical office move takes roughly nine months to complete. In addition to the actual move, businesses have to find furnishings and have to make sure utilities and other amenities are up and running. Then, add in what it costs to staff the place, and not only have you spent a lot of time but you have also spent a lot of money.

You could hire a project coordinator to oversee the effort, but businesses in the US no longer have to go to such lengths to coordinate an office move or to move into a new space. The serviced office industry can provide your business with premium office space all over the country.

Servcorp US premium office space, for example, fits out businesses in some of the most outrageously expensive places in the country, places like New York and Los Angeles. More significantly, these premium offices do more than simply placing your business in an advantageous location as they can also help businesses become more productive.  

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which premium office space can promote productivity.

Easy, Convenient Set-Up:

One of the reasons that the premium office space through a serviced office can help with business productivity is because the set-up is so simple on the business side. All the owner needs to do is supply the requisite information to the leasing agent and then the leasing agent takes care of the rest.

The business need not do anything but show up to the office with their personal effects, as the serviced office organisation can provide the business with a fully-furnished space. For businesses, the amount of time taken to orchestrate a move is reduced significantly from nine months to less than a few weeks.

Access To Inaccessible Locations:

Typically, premium office space is going to cost a lot, which for many businesses prices them out of premium locations. The serviced office provider, however, can level the playing field in traditionally expensive rental markets like New York City and Los Angeles by streamlining the costs to lease space.

This all-inclusive rental places you close enough to the financial districts, which is good for a few reasons.

These areas usually attract a lot of people to the area, and where there is a lot of business, you will see many resources. In American CBDs, businesses are likely to encounter delivery trucks, notaries, banks and other financial institutions, and government buildings, all resources that when near can make work efficient.

Low-Maintenance Styling:

Then, premium office space comes equipped with all of the amenities of the modern office. The great thing about this is that the business does not have to do anything to keep the office functioning.

Through a serviced office address, businesses get the benefit of occupying fabulous office space without having to worry about who is going to maintain the equipment and clean the office, as the building managers take care of these tasks.

Office Decor And Support:

The premium office space comes decorated with modern furnishings fit for the corporate office, but it also comes with office support. Without the serviced office, businesses typically hire a receptionist, but with the serviced office a business is supplied with an office receptionist and IT support, as well.

In terms of not having to answer phones or complete many of the tasks associated with maintaining an office, business owners can focus on the work of business, as opposed to peripheral duties that can be very time-consuming.

The Best Reason To Go Premium:

Not only is premium office space very comfortable, but it is very functional. Its functionality is seen through the many ways that it alleviates the need to take care of work that can get off task so that businesses have more time to take care of tasks central to business growth. Ultimately, the space accomplishes a lot for businesses and is more than fancy digs with a kick.

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