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How to play and Became winner Chicken Diner in PUBG mobile

PUBG mobile


Player’s unknown’s battlegrounds which is also called PUBG this is most popular game in this edge this game story starts from 100 players which has been kidnap and throw on Russian ILAND and they need to survive on here. When they throw from plains everybody have per shoot along with and easily land on fixed target.

In this game every player need to kill other 99 players this all war is for a Roast chicken everybody wants to win this game and in this case they survive here and there searching players they also used cars of different kinds to find the search player in homes and land everywhere when they find any both attack on each other and successfully killed.

Equipped weapons:

When the players enter in the homes they found weapons of different kinds.

  1. Assault Rifles
  2. Sniper Rifles
  3. DMRs
  4. SMGs
  5. Shotguns
  6. LMGs
  7. Pistols & Side-arms
  8. Crossbow

These weapons are mostly used to find and kill the target in the game all weapons have different specialty from each other like in the assault rifles you got power firing speed and rang to kill the target from a long distance. In Sniper rifles you got many amazing things like most powerful shoot and longest rang to kill the target and also powerful slight shoots which deals equal high amount of damages as like AWM. If you need to choose which sniper rifles are best to shoot then win94 and KAR98k is the best choice.

DMRs is the perfect weapon for single shoots MK14 DMRs deals high amount of damages in the PUBG mobile game MK14 has less powerful slightly recoil.

SMGs are also capable and most powerful weapon in the PUBG game SMGs has wide rang and decent firing speed capability and deals high amount of damages and matrices. Shotguns are simple and quick guns they are equal in the power as like S686 and S1897 these weapons have slightly and powerful shooting capability. These weapons should shoot two shoots rapid in the close rang S686 and S1897 has better magazine capacity and holds 5 shoots.

LMGs have different capability of firing speed from SMGs and Assault rifles. M249 is different as like DP 28 in firing speed rang and capacity the DP 28 can slightly deliver more powerful damages than the M249 has less recoil. Pistols & side arms has capability of highest firing speed P18C and P92 this is better pack of punch however P1911 and P92 are better in power shooting.

Crossbow is a special weapon in the PUBG game this is silent and deliver high amount of damages however this weapon does not have wide range of firing speed and capacity of rang box that is way this weapon not get popularity in the PUBG game.

Jumping from the Plain:

If you are playing PUBG game first time then these tips are very capably for you so when you are jumping from the plain then jump first in this you got 2 advantages 1st you can easily warm up and save from enemies 2nd you can easily equip weapons and different kinds of things. If you want to success in the PUBG then you need to follow 2 Rules 1st you need to land the battle ground quick 2nd this is better for you if the peoples are little in the numbers.

After landing on Battle ground:

When you successfully land on the battleground you need to go in the homes and pick weapons and safety things like first aid kit and bandages because these are very helpful whale in the treble and the end of the game and also for successful you need to used headphones because they may help you to hear steps of the enemies. When you are using guns you need to keep in mind that if you are in the home and targeting enemy from long distance then use single mode and if you are out of the home then use Auto mode.

You need to see the map first after this out from the home you can easily see red icon that is you enemy you need to follow this icon for targeting your enemy. If you think you want new weapons and drop old one than you can easily do this there are also to 2 important thing for safety 1st wearing built proof jacket and 2nd helmet. When you kill your enemy and finish firing then you need to re load your fire arm.

What is play zone and how to escape?

Play zone is the area where you play safely it has to parts 1st white circle and 2nd is red circle if you are in the white circle then you are safe or if you are in the red circle then you are also safe but little bit and it warns you to go in white circle however jumping from the plain 2 after 2 minutes you can see first red circle and the diameter of this circle is 4.5 km the blue circle only wait 5 minutes after this began to meet the white circle. If you are trebling in the blue circle you got damages of 0.4% health damage per second.

Play zone have 8 phases and in the every phase white circle reduce and blue circle chase it. Every round has 30 minutes from the beginning and the end.

In 2nd phase of play zone white circle diameter is 3 km and you have only 200 second whale blue circle chase it and after 140 seconds it meets the white circle in this case the damage is 0.6% per second. Every 2 minutes blue circle start and deliver you maximum damages so after 2 minutes you need to left from white circle in that case will safe and play game long time.

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