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Identifying the Cause for a Leaking Ceiling and Fixing It


The damaged ceiling is not good for the aesthetics as well as its safety. If you see any damage on the ceiling you should fix it right away otherwise it will become too costly. A leaking ceiling can cause a lot of safety hazards in the house. If there is water coming from the ceiling then it indicates that there is something with some other home system. The leaking ceiling is mostly the result of either faulty plumbing or damaged roofing. Ignoring dripping of water from the ceiling is never a smart move as it can lead to structural damage. It can also create the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. Before the water starts dripping from the ceiling there are early signs of damage like discoloration or peeling paint.

Here are a few tips on identifying the ceiling damage and fixing it in the best possible way.

Identify a Leak in The Roofing System:

  • If you see any signs of dripping water or water damage on the ceiling that is directly above the attic space or below the roof surface then it clearly indicates that there is damage in the shingles or the roofing material.
  • The plumbing pipes rarely run through the attic so the damage is not because of leaking pipes. There are other symptoms of roof damage as well and they are as following:
  • The leaks happen after or during rainfall and the ceiling stays dry when there is no rain then there is definitely something wrong with the roofing.
  • In the case of active water dripping, the water will be dirty and brown as it will pick up impurities as it makes it makes its way through the roof.
  • If you face the problem of leaking ceiling during winter and it coincides with ice build-up then you have damaged shingles.
  • Soggy and damp insulation in the attic is also a clear indication of damaged roofing.

Signs Indicating Ceiling Leaks Due to Plumbing:

  • The plumbing pipes are also responsible for water damage to the ceiling. If the plumbing fixtures are not in good condition then you will be risking the safety of the ceiling.
  • If the water leaking from the roof is clear water then the leak is a result of leaking and a faulty pipe.
  • A steady water leak is also an indication that the leak is plumbing related. The damage to the water supply pipe is a major culprit for a continuous water leak. Damaged drain pipes can also lead to continuous leaking.

Fixing the Leaking Ceiling:

There are a lot of ways to fix a ceiling leak and the choice of solution depends on the nature and extent of the damage. The solution you choose also depends on the type of ceiling you have. Repairing a traditional ceiling is costly but the cost of suspended ceiling grid calculator UK is more affordable. Fixing roofing leaks need to be foxed with carpentry and roofing skills while to deal with plumbing leaks you will need to hire a skilled plumber. Before you decide to invest in a solution you need to identify the nature of the damage.

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