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Keep Your Hair Healthy with Right hair care Regime


There are different regimes followed by different individuals. Talking about hair regime do you have one? Are you one of those who just take up anything that is tossed in front of them? Come on, you cannot simply take anything or everything. You have to be careful about what you choose and how.

Now if you have any issues related to dandruff you should start using items like Ketomac anti dandruff shampoo. Yes, you exactly know what you can expect from it. You would know that the dandruff shampoo will clean your hair and give your scalp a refreshing feel and look. There would be less dandruff as you start using shampoo and eventually your hair would be dandruff free. But if you are using anything and that too any time then you might be doing injustice to your hair and scalp.

How often do you wash your hair?

It is an important question that you should ask yourself right away. If you are reading this take out a few seconds and find out how often do you wash your hair. Do you think that you have no count of it? come on, at least you might have an idea about how many times in a week you wash your hair and do you actually skip it too? Certainly these are the things that have to be dealt with attention and proper concentration.

Now the ideal time that one should wash his or her hair is minimum twice and maximum thrice a week. In this way they can make sure that their hair are clean, safe, hygienic and dust free.  it would make no sense if you wash your hair once in two weeks or even worst once in a month and then say your hair are getting really dry, muddy and smelly.

Similarly it also does not make any sense if you wash your hair every single day. Certainly too much of wash would also harm you’re your adversely. You might find the natural oils of your hair getting ripped off.  So, there has to be a balance. If you do wash your hair timely every week; you might not experience any type of smelliness or dirt in your hair.

What do you use for your hair?

Every person has a different pattern or texture of hair. What type of hair do you have? Do you have oily hair, dry hair or what? You have to figure out about your hair before you resort to any product. There are many people who have really oily hair and so they always pick the shampoos or hair products that are less oily.

Similarly there are many people who give a lot of attention to the specifics of every hair product. For example if they have dry hair, they would make sure that they pick a shampoo that fights their hair issues and at the same time keep their hair moisturized.


So, before you pick any shampoo make sure that you choose shampoo Ketomac that is of your specific needs. These shampoos are effective but become twofold powerful once you pick the right specifications and use at right time.

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