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How to Choose the Right Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Facility


If you or your loved one is going through a severe binge eating disorder, it is essential to get treatment as early as you can. These eating disorders can get to be fatal, and eventually, the risk of permanent injury or death decreases with aggressive and prompt treatment. Binge Eating Disorder Treatment implies several kinds of treatment. However, the probability of complete recovery is higher for residential and inpatient eating disorder treatment programs.

How can you choose the best eating disorder treatment facility?

  1. A quality eating disorder treatment clinic shall have the following attributes:
  2. A license in the state where the treatment is offered
  3. Accreditation through government and state authorities
  4. Licensed and experienced clinical staff
  5. Qualified and competent medical staff
  6. Psychologists and Psychiatrists who have expertise in binge eating disorders
  7. A credentialed and licensed dietician and nutritionist on team
  8. A recreation therapist
  9. Family recovery program which is about four days in length at the minimum
  10. Relapse prevention expertise and an efficient aftercare recovery program

Check all of your requirements very carefully. Also, check out if the clinic is sending you home to see your therapist with an appointment or is the aftercare recovery plan all-inclusive. Always find out how many real therapeutic hours are provided during the day. Investigate if the Binge Eating Disorder Treatment provides medical and therapeutic services on the weekend.

Questions One Needs To Ask When Choosing an Eating Disorder Treatment Center

To ensure that you select a binge eating disorder clinic which is going to be right for you, you need to ask yourself a few questions. These are mentioned below:

  1. Does the binge eating disorder clinic has expertise in treating the kind of binge eating disorder that you have? Do they address any of your co-occurring issues or not?
  2. Find out of the program is gender-specific, and if it is best for you?
  3. Find out how this program differs from other binge eating disorder treatments in other clinics?
  4. What are the treatment and nutritional philosophy of the program?
  5. Are detoxification services available?
  6. For how long one will stay in that facility?
  7. What services does the binge eating disorder program offer?


Finding a binge eating disorder clinic is essential to treat this complicated disease aggressively.  With the assistance of your comprehensive treatment team, your recovery from the disorder shall be well supported. Treat the possible causes of your disorder and find out your body image, family dynamics, healthy exercise, and relapse prevention among so many other things.

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