While going through your old photographs has it ever happened that you came across a picture where you were barely smiling? And has it ever happened that your friends started calling you tin teeth or metal mouth?

The reason could probably be braces! The traditional silver metal braces. Let’s agree to the fact that we all hated our braces. Having something foreign in our mouth made us uncomfortable.

It might have also happened that you avoided people because you were hesitant to show your teeth with braces on.

But don’t you think all that was worthy. You are more confident with your smile and all that is because of the wire braces.

Though Orthodontics have developed a lot, yet the traditional style metal braces are considered the most preferred option to date. These braces are mostly advised when your teeth need to undergo significant movements, or your teeth have extreme overcrowding. These are more effective and less expensive than other options available.

With advancement in technology, even metal braces have developed. The wire used in metal braces is sleeker and more comfortable. Not only the wires are sleeker, but the ligatures are more colorful and are a cooler option for teenagers.

If aesthetics is a concern, then people usually go with ceramic and clear aligners. But one needs to understand that metal braces carry many advantages over traditional metal braces. The added advantages are:

  • Cost – Metal braces are generally less expensive than the advanced options available. The cost can be covered by simple insurance and will not be a burden. So, if cost is a major concern then metal braces are the best option for you. This is probably one of the important reasons as to why people opt for metal braces.
  • Time – Metal braces take lesser time to get your teeth straightened. Because they are more in control of your Doctor and the pressure applied by these are preferably high therefore they take a shorter time to get the desired results.
  • Strength – Metal being a harder substance carry the tensile strength and is a stronger alternative than the other new age braces. They do not break easily and is known for its strength.
  • Looks cool – With ligatures now being colorful, these traditional braces have now entered into the cooler zone. Teenagers today pick and choose their color and urge their parents to go for this option. It has now become their preferred choice.

Most people also believe that it is difficult to maintain your oral health with braces on. This is not what you really think so. Following a few simple steps will help you to maintain your oral health and keep it in good condition.

  • Brush twice a day. This is the age-old practice which should never be avoided. The dentist even recommends brushing after every meal with braces on. This does not let food particles get stuck to your teeth and prevent your tooth from decay. Some dentist even recommends the use of a particular type of toothbrush to clean your teeth.
  • Consuming healthy food is always a good option for not only your body but also for your teeth. Avoid eating sticky food and hard food as this might harm your braces.
  • Do not skip on your follow-up appointments as your braces need a lot of adjustments and your dentist is the best to get it sorted. This also ensures that all your doubts are cleared and if there is any serious concern then it can be resolved well in advance

Oh there are certain myths associated with metal braces which are to be ignored completely. Such myths include:

  • Braces have metal detectors
  • Braces are magnetic
  • You cannot play sports with braces on
  • Braces catch radio signals
  • Kissing might lock the braces

Though strange these are the long going myth that people carry. They have started believing such false stories.

Metal braces the traditional braces are the answer to your problem of crooked teeth and have many additional benefits over the new age braces.

No matter how advanced the orthodontics be the metal braces will never lose its power and will outshine. The cool option available near your dental clinic is available in different color and weight.

If the major concern is the cost then search for the metal braces cost in India and get the most reasonable option with the best dentist near you.