What would be a common denominator for all successful people? Although nobody could give only one definite answer to this question, there certainly are some things that just stand out. Those who thrive at their jobs tend to have a strong drive towards self-accomplishment. That impulse sometimes unconsciously leads them and puts them in a position of power. The fact that with great success and vigor also comes great responsibility is a part of common knowledge. Everyone who has been in such a position can testify to that.

On the other hand, what about the bittersweet things that you aren’t told immediately about, but often come along as a looming threat? People are sometimes reluctant to open up about the negative sides and effects of being in the position of opulence. One of the most harmful and damaging things is burnout. Burnout is the overall exhaustion of a person: mental, physical, emotional. More and more people every year get struck by this condition.

We give you 5 ways to fend off this modern era malady.

Build a Routine You Are Most Comfortable With

Each individual is different, which means that not everything can be applied to everyone. For example, one person tells you that you will minimize the stress levels by changing things around you as often as you can. But that particular activity of always relocating and trying to find different places to work from can be too stressful by itself. If you’re outgoing, extroverted in general, then this might be the right thing to do.

Going out, meeting other people, talking to them regularly actually recharges and fulfills extroverts. But if you’re more of an introvert, then this suggestion to constantly seek changes around you probably won’t work that good for you. Introverts need to have longer periods of ’me time’ in order to recuperate properly. Sometimes having no routine is the best routine!

Take Breaks And Rest Appropriately

It doesn’t matter what your daily rut or habit is, whether you classify as extroverted or introverted, it’s recommended that you take breaks when you feel like you need them. Now, many successful people actually don’t know when they’ve had enough – that’s how these burnout effects happen in the first place.

But you have to start to listen to your body more carefully. Don’t go out and then just sit 12 hours straight in front of your computer. You need to rest more than you think sometimes. Take a moment and pause to reflect upon things other than the work itself. Try to ’be in the moment’ as frequently as possible.

Work Yourself Out Of the Burnout By Working Out Regularly

Often times we have a tendency to overlook our physical shape and condition when we work too hard and too much. Working out is one of the first things that we sacrifice when we are pressured by everyday business and affairs.

But that really ought not to be the case. When you start to live that hectic lifestyle it takes its toll quickly and puts your body through a lot of stress. That’s why it’s so important to exercise regularly and use exercise as a stress relief.

If you’re sitting in front of the computer all day long, try to avoid the potential muscle atrophy at any cost. It’s also very important to eat the right type of food during the day, to keep those energy levels high enough. Nutritious meals are the main source of energy and this should never be the least important thing in your day.

If you are a dedicated professional who takes care of their physical health, you should think about using supplements like protein powder and other healthy additions to increase the results of your workout and increase everyday performance. That way you will make sure that your muscles are fed properly after a good, stress-relieving workout.

Fight Off Mental Fatigue

There are various ways to repel mental fatigue, and different things work for different people. If you’re tense and suffering from anxiety symptoms that go along with burnout, try yoga or meditation. Being calm and collected, and at peace with yourself can really give you a sense of fulfillment that you obviously need. You should also embrace the concept of Jolo – the joy of missing out. Value your time and things that serve you, not other people. If you’d rather cosy up and read a book on leadership skills instead of going on yet another bar crawl, learn to value your own time.

Keep Your Emotions In Check

Exhaustion can also come as an effect of emotional instability. Living that Groundhog Day life when you’re constantly chasing after something day in day out can really leave emotional scars that don’t and won’t heal as quickly as you’d like them to. That’s why it’s crucial to properly take care of your feelings as you go through different things and emotional states in your life. Avoid being just an innocent bystander and express your emotions in the right way, and at the right time and place.

To summarize: all sorts of different things can lead to the state of burnout. That doesn’t mean that you should give up pursuing your dreams of being successful. You just have to learn how to cope with the problems that come in the right way.

Make a routine you are most comfortable with. Listen to your body and rest whenever you can. Exercise regularly. Keep your mental and emotional state in balance. Do all of these things and you will slowly but surely get out of the slump and pick up right where you’ve left off – but this time probably with even more energy than at the very beginning.