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How to Prolong the Life of your T-Shirts


We all love t-shirts when they are brand new and lively looking. However, as time passes by, you begin to realize that as all good things come to an end, your t-shirt too tends to look worn, faded and completely jaded. This does not mean you should cut it up in rags and use it for your various household chores nor does it mean you should avoid using them for events and social gatherings. All you need to do is learn how to look after them in a better way so that their shelf life is prolonged. Here are a few ways how you can look after your designer t-shirts successfully.

Read the washing instructions carefully:

It is vital to read the label of the t-shirt carefully before washing the garment. These instructions are sewn into the garment and so should be easy to find. These instructions specify where the tee is made, the material used to make it, what not to do with your garment and how to wash it. It is essential to read these instructions carefully and stick to them if you want to see your t-shirt in the best of conditions for a long time.

Always turn the t-shirt inside out:

When you pick printed or graphic t-shirts online, make sure you follow this two-second rule which simply involves turning the tee inside out. This ensures your piece of the ensemble does not suffer too harshly in the hands of the washer. If you let the printed side of the tee face the washer, the friction of the machine is sure to cause the image to crack or peel off.

Separate similar colors and wash them together:

Never ever wash reds, blacks and dark colored t-shirts with your white counterparts unless you want your white tee to come out an embarrassing mix of all the possible colors. Always make it a point to ensure you wash similar colors together. Wash your whites, reds, and darks separately as regular washing causes the dyes to release from the t-shirts.

Iron your tees inside out:

Although some of you think that the idea of ironing your t-shirt sounds insane, it is important to iron it inside out. This is because some prints get easily damaged when they are ironed right side up. So it is better to iron your tees inside out. While a medium to hot iron is perfectly fine for 100% cotton tees, you need to use lower temperatures for poly-cotton/polyester blends.

Wash your clothes with warm water:

It is advised to conduct a warm or cold wash on your tees. Under no circumstances, you should use hot water during the washing process. The plastic-like property of the garment, especially in the cases of printed tees, does not sit well with your tee and under harsh conditions, it doesn’t take long for it to peel, bubble and crack easily.

A few other precautions to take:

Besides the ones mentioned above, it is also important to stay away from dry cleaning your t-shirts. This is because it is not the right material. Other than this, also do not tumble dry your cotton t-shirts. It is better to leave it out to dry naturally. See that it does not lie in the washing machine for long periods nor should it hand outside in the sun for long as this can cause color fading and sun damage.

These tips are sure to help you keep your t-shirts in the best of conditions for a long time to come. So now that you know the sure shot ways of making sure your t-shirt looks great no matter how many times you wash it, go ahead and use these instructions to your maximum advantage.

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