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Top Ways to Get Rid of Android Spy Software


The use of spy apps and spyware is rife these days and it has grown over the years. According to a report published in Forbes, the Britain are on top when it comes to using spyware and apps to track their kids. Briton parents deploy the same spy apps to monitor their employees. This is not just the Britain using spy software. People throughout the globe are adopting the same practices for monitoring their target persons.

The interesting thing is the spy app cannot be detected on the device on which they are installed. The device or phone user will never know about it. If you worry someone might have installed a spy tool on your phone, this post is for you. There are some ways that can help you get rid of spy apps on your devices. Make sure you try all these and delete the spy app.

Restart and Shut Down:

This tip will help you detect if there is a spy app installed on your device. The spy apps work in the background. That means the user will never find them. They don’t have icons either so it becomes hard for anyone to know about them. But if your phone restarts or reboots without any action on your side, there are high chances a spy app has been installed on your device. You have to find it and delete.

Change in Battery Life:

Another way to detect and delete a spyware or spy app is to see if your phone’s battery is being consumed rapidly. When a spy app is installed on a phone, it tweaks the battery performance of the phone. The android spy software use battery faster as they have to work on many apps to get data and make reports. This reduces the battery life. So you will detect if there is any spy app on the device and remove it.

Noise During Calls:

This is the biggest sign that you are being spied on. Forbes reported that if you want to detect if there is any spy app on your device, listen to the noise during calls. If there is any, you are being monitored for sure. The spy apps cause a lot of noise during calls. And this is a great way to find any spy app installed on your phones.

Huge Data Usage:

The spy apps in the background. These apps net the internet connection to work and spy on different things. If you are not connected to WiFi, the app will use cellular data. You will notice a remarkable change in data consumption. If this happens with you, you have to be careful as your phone is being monitored. It is high time that you remove such apps and get rid of them.

Uninstall the App:

As said earlier, there are chances you will not detect the app physically. These apps have no presence on the devices or phones. However, if you manage to find one, you should immediately remote it. It will keep spying on you as long as it is installed and works on your phone.

Update Phone OS:

Another great way to get rid of spy apps is to update your phone’s software. Just check if there is any update available. If you do so, the spy app will be deleted. These apps work with certain OS and needed to be reinstalled if the OS of the device is updated. Make sure you keep updating your device regularly in order to avoid such apps on the device.

Reset Your Device:

This is the best but the last option. If all other methods fail and you still see the app working, or doubt there is a spy app on the device, you should reset your device. Remove all the data, files, apps and use it as a new device. Never give your phone to anyone as they will install a spy app within minutes and you will never know about it.

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