Long ago, Medical and Engineers used to be the only career opportunities. As of now the opportunities are vast, new courses are landing up thus; creating zeal in an individual that’s you have some better options available. Mass Communication institute in Delhi provide great opportunities in media world.

Today, one should have practical knowledge just theoretical knowledge doesn’t lead a way to successful career. And it is required in every profession no matter the profession is related to advertising, public relations or marketing. Mass Communication is an integrated term that includes Anchoring, Radio Jockeying, Writing, News Reading etc.

Factors to be considered for choosing Mass Communication colleges in Delhi:

  1. Location – Journalism is much more than just meeting with stars and clicking a selfie so it’s better to choose your college location in absolute middle of the film city. Mass Communication institute in Delhi located in Southern part of the national capital are the best suited.

Noida film city is not much far away and you are also close to the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Supreme Court of India where a lot of newsworthy action happens round the year. Even important political headquarters are in close proximity.

  1. Equal Exposure to the 4 Pillars of Journalism – We live in an age where learning one form of media is not enough. You need an environment where you have access to a well-equipped TV studio, Radio lab, Print labs and Digital Incubators. Mass Communication colleges in Delhi that have its focus on media course make you more skilled.
  2. Connectivity and Networks – Having relation with right people and also having correct resources make it very important factor when it comes to placement in media industry. If college have better links with media companies which are in business for long term, then, you have better chances to get placement.
  3. Faculties – when it comes to faculties it is not only limited to degree but also having strong media backgrounds which can help them in getting good internships and jobs too.
  4. Channel Visits and Practical Work – The number of channel visits that a college offers, outside its own sister companies is a validation of its reputation and links in the industry. Secondly, the practical assignments completed by previous students of a particular Mass Communication institute in Delhi speak a lot about the work that happens there.
  5. Institute Job Placement: Nowadays, many institutes and universities are providing campus placement facility as well which help you to immediately join the job after the completion of course.
  6. College Alumni: Check the website of institute and see who the alumni of the institute are. It is also one important thing that helps to choose the best college. It shows the potential of institute and how they are helping students to grow.

These are some important factors to consider before opting for the best Mass Communication colleges in Delhi. When you have these factors in your mind your career in journalism is set to flourish and sorted to go ahead.

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