With an increased percent of population shifting to IT jobs requiring hours of sitting, the amount of physical activity is decreasing accordingly. Along with taking away many years from one’s lifespan, sitting for hours in front of the TV or lying and for a long time causes some serious health issues. Here are some ways a sedentary lifestyle affects our body.

1. Legs and gluteal muscles:

Legs and gluteal muscles (buttock muscles) are crucial for walking and stabilizing a person. Sitting for a long period leads to wasting away and weakening of the large leg and gluteal muscles. Weakening of these muscles makes a person more prone to injuries from falls and strains from exercises.

2. Back and hips:  

Sitting leads to hip joint problems due to the shortening of hip flexor muscles. Sitting with a poor posture can also deteriorate spine health (such as compression in the spine discs), which leads to painful premature degeneration.

3. Heart diseases:

Being inactive and sitting for a long time also increases the risk of heart diseases, heart attacks, and strokes.

4. Weight:

Muscle movements help in the digestion of sugars and fats. Digestion is inefficient when one spends a long time sitting as fats and sugars of the body are retained during that period. Even those who exercise but spend a long time sitting are at the risk of heart problems such as metabolic syndrome. Dangers of excessive sitting can be combated by exercising for around 1 hour per day.

5. Diabetes:

Sitting or lying in the bed for a long period leads to an increased resistance to insulin in the body. This causes the blood sugar levels to increase more than the healthy level.

6. Varicose veins:

Sitting for a long period causes the blood to pool in the legs. This then leads to the varicose vein and spider veins. In extreme cases, it leads to blood clots which causes serious health issues.

7. Stiff neck and shoulders:

Those who spend hours hunched over a computer keyboard have pains and stiffness in areas around their neck and shoulders.

8. Anxiety and depression:

These issues are higher in the people who sit more. This might be because individuals who spend more time sitting miss out on the positive effects of physical activity and fitness.

9. Cancer:

Some studies suggest that those who sit for a long time have increased chances of developing cancers like lung, colon, and uterine.

10. Deep vein thrombosis:

A long car or plane trip can cause blood to clots in the veins of the legs. DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) is a serious problem which can cut part of the blood flow to other parts of the body organs such as lungs. This causes pulmonary embolism which is a medical emergency leading to major complications and death.

Take short walking and stretching breaks while working in addition to being more active. Those who notice any of the above symptoms of pain must consult a doctor immediately. Early treatment results in better cure and saves one from a hefty amount. One can also opt for a medical loan in India for tests and treatments.


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