You have met the love of your life who jazzes the right strings of your heart and awakens your inner Eros. Guess what, you can actually say the right things and make him want you, that too over text messages. Seducing your boyfriend with some steaming messages, texting games, and pictures which will have him glued to you. This will not only ensure that you have a hot night head but also work towards strengthening your relationship.

Enter into your modern love story with text messages while you take a cue from some of the suggestions listed ahead. We bet, seducing boyfriend has never been easier!

Let him know that you’re missing him:

play texting games with your boyfriend

This is probably the easiest way to turn your man on, just let him know that you are thinking about him. You can refer to the previous dates that you’ve had and text him, “Hey last night was fun, I miss you.”

Never say it straight:

Okay, this is mandated. The very expression of seduction speaks that you never say it directly. You might take a flip and bud that sexy idea in his mind by hinting on certain things. You can type a text message that reads, “Wuff, what a tiring day it was. I can’t wait to get off my clothes and hop into my blanket and have you by my side.” Refrain from saying directly, “I want to make out, come home.”

Play a little game:

You can spice things up and play texting games with your boyfriend. Texting games will help you laugh more, connect better and heath things up with him. You can play texting games like emojis for words, fill in the blanks, confess it and many more fun games that are sure to bring you close and keep your minds racing.

Tease him with your photo:

You can ask for his opinions on the kind of lingerie that will look best on you and then send him pictures wearing his favorite. You can also set up some candles with wine and a neatly arranged bed sheet waiting to be messed up. But we suggest that you avoid sending nudes. Retreat to sending him concealed pictures, which will serve as a visual treat yet keep him excited for more. We bet, he would want to come rushing to you.

Bring in some desserts:

You can bring in some saucy foodstuff like whipped cream, chocolate syrup, berries which are considered major sex metaphors. You can just capture some pictures of these items and text him asking, “Where do you want to put these?” And you never know, the next time you two meet, he might just show you where he will put these.


Okay, let’s get to it straight – every man secretly fantasizes about his beloved in some serious role plays. You can try to retract this information by texting, “ I was wondering if you would like to see me as…” This would make his heart accelerate faster than a drifter.

Walk him through your dreams:

There is nothing sexier than telling him that you dream about him. Tell him that you dream of him last night and watch him pester for the hot details. He’ll want to know it all.

Emoji play:

You must have been playing with emojis for a long time, but are you doing it the right way? You can use emojis to play it cool yet deliver your message effortlessly. Apart from the obvious emotions of a heart, wink, eggplant, and lips, you can use many other emojis and club them to form a secret message which takes time to decipher. This will keep him involved and get his hopes high.

Shower Text:

This is the ultimate one, its more like the age-old trick which always works. Send him this simple text, “Just came back home after a tiring day, planning to hit the shower.” Take it on our words, he is going to think dirty about you until you text him next.

Hope these easy peasy tips help! All-nighty, ladies!


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