Kovar Alloy is an alloy of iron, nickel, and cobalt. One of the most brilliant aspects about Kovar is it is thermal expansion coefficient which means it will not expand and contract to thermal heat in a destabilized way. So, this gives the elements which are made with Kovar alloy the much-needed stability who other connecting materials fail to give.

Main Advantage of Using Kovar Alloy:

The main advantage of using Kovar alloy is its thermal expansion efficiency. The formula of Kovar alloy is controlled to produce elements that are thermal expansion coefficient just like borosilicate glass or hard glass or ceramic glass. This means that the alloy contracts and expands at a similar rate which very few materials can do. So, if the temperature rises and falls quite often, it will have minimal impact on this alloy.

It is generally used as a connective material for various ceramic or glass applications which will face the temperature fluctuation. There are a wide number of products in which glass or ceramic and metal are joined together. If you are looking for an example then you can have plenty of it if you see the products you use in your daily life.

What are the Uses of Kovar alloy?

In order to understand the use of Kovar alloy, let’s take the example of the tube lights which you will see at you home and your workplace. If you accidentally ever touched the bulb of the tube light which was working for a while, you will understand how hot it gets. The electricity required to create light is the sole reason for that heat in the ceramic glass of the bulb.

If the non-Kovar material is used for the holders then it could become extremely dangerous because the metal and the glass would expand and contract at a different rate which will create a gap between the tube and the holder. Also, due to the immense pressure in the tube, it will ultimately crack. Generally, for these types of applications, Kovar alloy is the best choice.

Kovar Allow for Advanced Ceramics and Technical Glass

The use of Kovar alloy will give a lot of advantages for the applications using advanced ceramics and technical glass as a material. As the contraction and expansion rate of the Kovar alloy is low, it has a minimum to none impact of the heat in itself. So, as the elements created using advanced ceramics and technical glass as a material will have to face variable heat, the Kovar alloy will be the best fit as the hermetic seal material to counter the impact of that heat to the glass. In this way, the application of the advanced ceramics and technical glass will be long-lasting.

Kovar alloy is one of the lesser known alloys that you will find. Many people may not have even heard of it. But once you notice the number of hermetic seals required for metal to glass applications, you will realize how important Kovar alloy is.


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