Universities today face more challenges than they ever face before. There are changes in the skills of students worldwide, the demand for specific skills of the workforce, the challenges of retention and, at the same time, the expectations of students increase: they look for a perfect and modified personalized experience. salesforce education services for Higher Education is a set of CRM-based solutions that allow institutions to drive student achievement throughout the life cycle from the student’s perspective.

It includes the Salesforce platform, HEDA (higher education data architecture), sets of solutions for recruitment and admissions, student success, advances, and designed special products.

Areas in higher education where Salesforce focuses:

  1. Directed recruitment:- Directed marketing: academic edition! Address the exact students, increase performance and increase the efficiency and performance of the recruiter.
  2. Help students for their success:- Knowledge is command; to have the a360 degree view of your students i.e. you can help your student when and where they require you. Get simplified access to student detailed information, with the view at each student’s point of contact for a more intelligent and consistent commitment.
  3. Build the relationships:- The commitment does not end at graduation. To Build long-term relationships with alumni and optimize with the life value of those associations.
  4. Customized experiences:-Salesforce helps you select personalized content so that it can offer a truly personalized experience for students.
  5. Community involvement:-Take that 1: 1 student experience to the next upcoming level. Breaking traditional by allowing collaboration on campus and fostering a greater sense of community in the process.

Appirio + Salesforce = a victory for higher education- Partnered with Salesforce to nurture the integral experiences of the college or university, such as:

  • Experience of application: Interaction among college or with student – up to the point of arrival.
  • Experience of campus: All non-academic activities which make up the student experience, it includes the off-campus activities also. (If a campus exists).
  • Academic experience: interactions of college with the students regarding their studies or their studies matter.
  • Graduation experience: Maintaining a long-term relationship with a student after graduation; the role of the institution in helping students move from school to employment.

Salesforce education approach:

Salesforce education has made its approach into the higher education market in recent years. Salesforce is known for various things, among which are its capabilities: to support a wide variety of institutional types, tools, and technology improve the experience of students.

Salesforce helps the students for their success .salesforce provide a 360-degree view of students, provide frictionless service and promote the student community strongly. Recognize what’s effective and good for the student and what’s not good or not develop the student satisfaction and maintenance, identify threatened students and always active to in helping students before they’re in any kind of difficulty.

Salesforce is perfect for academic matters, registration services, and student service. Directors looking for to centralize the service with a general tool for all students, supervision staff and the students themselves. One-stop services, student participation, counseling, and analysis are available on one stage.


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