Your wedding is the most important day of your entire life! No matter who you are, the thought of your wedding may have entered your mind at least once. So, all of us have some general idea of what we want to be our weddings to look like. Though, when the time finally comes, it’s overwhelming. You need to make sure that you avoid the following wedding planning mistakes so that you have the best wedding party!

Not Setting a Suitable Budget:

You may have a general idea of how much you have to spend on your wedding party, but you may have not set out a detailed and suitable budget. When you’re making purchases for the wedding dress, venue and decorations you might overspend without realizing it.

That is why you should sit down and budget properly so that you start you new life together with a lot of debt! It would also help if you hired the best wedding planning company in your area to prevent overspending and sticking to a budget. Assess what’s really important for you and your partner in order to avoid wedding planning mistakes like these.

Not Having a Rain Plan:

It’s nice to assume that since it’s your wedding day the universe will be kind to you and have the perfect weather conditions. But, Mother Nature is indeed unpredictable! You need to take into account that it might suddenly rain even if you checked the weather forecasts prior. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, it is absolutely imperative that you have back-up plan in case rain decides to come.

Have an alternate in door location just in case and assign someone trust able to call all the vendors to inform them of the change of location on the last minute. Having an emergency bridal kit for the brides is also recommended. You can prevent these wedding planning mistakes by hiring the best wedding planning company!

Hiring the Wrong DJ and Religious Minister: 

Perhaps the most significant part of the whole wedding is your wedding ceremony that is officiated by the religious minister of your respective faiths. For that, you need to be sure that the religious minister is not boring. They should have enough experience to stimulate an emotional moment right before you are pronounced as wedding partners for life.

As for the DJ, it’s so important you hire the DJ that knows how to set the right mood for your wedding party! The emotions should be felt as the couple and guests move around the dance floor. The DJ should be able to spark joy, excitement and fun through his selection of music. Also, be sure to send the DJ a list of your favorite songs you want to be played at the wedding party.

If the wrong people are chosen, then these will be the wedding planning mistakes that may ruin the day for you!

Not Hiring a Professional Video-Grapher:

Your wedding is an event that you would to remember for the rest of your life! It’s tempting to cut costs by skipping the video-graphy part of your wedding party. But, you might end up regretting this decision. So, be sure to hire a professional video-grapher that can capture the whole ceremony for you to watch later on. Hire the best wedding planning company if you are confused about making these decisions. Avoid wedding planning mistakes like these!

Signing an Undetailed Catering Contract:

It’s definitely imperative the food of your wedding party is the absolute best. After all, it’s often the part of the wedding that costs the most. Since, you have to plan the catering months in advance, you have to be sure that everything you discuss with your catering company is in writing. An official contract should outline all the details such as menu, staffing and bartenders.

All the costs should be included in the contract so that you aren’t singing something you didn’t want. It’s also a good idea to hire the best wedding planning company you know to help you with assessing the catering companies and deals. It’s so important to avoid these wedding planning mistakes so that you only have good memories.

Not Having Back-up Electricity:

It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Anything can happen on your wedding party and lead to huge inconveniences. So, in order to risk having the worst wedding of all, have a contingency plan in case of a power outage. Hence, have back-up electricity. Discuss it with the best wedding planning company if you have hired one to avoid these wedding planning mistakes.

Don’t Think 10% of Your Guests Won’t Come?

Many people assume out of all the guests you have invited to your wedding day and wedding party, only about 90% will attend. It’s a common stat but not set in stone. So, don’t plan your wedding with only those 90% people in mind, but rather the whole 100%.

So, if you avoid these wedding planning mistakes, then you’ll be all set! It won’t hurt to hire an affordable and the best wedding planning company to assist you in your special day.


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