Food is one such product which requires very careful planning for its packaging. This is because of some very hard and fast regulations and standards are strongly imposed in connection with a large number of health issues resulting from inappropriate packaging. Accordingly, best suitable food packaging materials must be chosen to provide high grade health protection to the consumers along with low impact on the environment.

For your packaging related needs, there are distinctive materials to look over to serve food and refreshment packaging purposes-


This is a sort of material that can be framed in different shapes and can be reused with certain changes in mechanical properties. In spite of the fact that it needs high temperature in shaping, glass packaging material has great hindrance properties and impermeability from gases and water vapor. It is utilized for the generation of jugs and containers, which can be sanitized at high temperature.


It has been a base in packaging for quite a while. It is utilized in the generation of jars, metallic plate, thwarts and sacks for food items. Like glasses, metals have great hindrance properties however should be sanitized before packaging any kind of foods. It can likewise be utilized for solidified and warmed suppers. Impediments of metals in food packaging incorporate the staggering expense, erosion for certain kinds and haziness that buyers can’t perceive what’s inside.

Paper and cardboard:

These materials from wood are made chiefly utilized for dry nourishment, for example, sugar, salt, bread, flour and others. Paper is light, simple printable however porous to air, water vapor and gases. They are extremely shabby materials but then can be effectively modified to different shapes and sizes. Paper as bundling material has exceptionally low effect on condition in view of its profoundly practical property.


Plastic can be engineered and biodegradable. Engineered plastic comes from minimal effort and has great mechanical properties. It is not only lightweight but also flexible and can be reused. It is however non-biodegradable.

Blended materials (covers):

The packaging materials of this sort are made out of some dainty layers of various materials like metallic plastic and anti fog film. They additionally have really great boundary properties and overlay packaging is quite impermeable that builds the shelf life of the items packed.

Active and intelligent packaging:

Food packaging stuffs that contain some particular substances are known to prolong the shelf-life of products. These substances primarily include oxygen as well as ethylene absorbents. They can also be some compounds which emit oxygen dioxide, regulate water, antibacterial substances and antioxidants.

Every packaging material has some advantages and disadvantages of its own. You can choose the one that suits you best. A little bit research is highly recommended before you finally make your move to buy them.


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