The gig economy is gaining grounds around the globe and working professionals are finding it as a viable alternative for 9 to 5 jobs, which is why countries like the Philippines are experiencing a rapid rise in the population of the gig workers. It comes as no surprise that there are plenty of online jobs in the Philippines which attract young college graduates and experienced professionals alike. In this technology era, many small scale companies and large corporations prefer outsourcing their work to online experts and freelancers. There are many successful professionals in the Philippines who are making it big in the gig industry.

Online jobs in the Philippines are generating decent opportunities for the aspirants by letting them work from the comfort of their home during odd hours. This post majorly focuses on the key sources where you can find freelance work with the utmost ease.


Previously known as Elance-oDesk, this website is your go-to source for finding quality projects from around the world. Here, you will find ample opportunities that suit your criteria. Freelancers should definitely take some time out to register here and make the most of it.


This is another great resourceful site for job seekers where they can find an opportunity to working on diverse projects. Simply browse jobs, click on the job that appeals you the most, and earn to your heart’s content. Isn’t that simple enough? So, what are you waiting for, anyway? Go ahead, make a great profile and showcase your skills to the world.


If you have a knack for graphics, designs and visual art, this platform is a worth-considering option for online jobs in the Philippines. This portal can provide you with various assignments like the logo and web designing, the creation of book cover, and other design related projects. The time is right to unleash your creative thinking and make money quickly.


This website has earned a good reputation as a trusted provider of job listings free of cost. Here you will find a mixed assortment of full-time and freelance job opportunities in the Philippines.


It is a freelance jobs marketplace where companies can find suitable and skilled candidates for the commissioned tasks/assignments. is another good option for those whose search for online jobs in the Philippines. Getting started with the Guru is as simple as can be- just sign up, log in, browse the jobs, and apply for the gig. You will get paid after delivering the work.


This UK based company is another great option for those freelancers who want to get paid on a timely basis depending on the project type and task. Just create your profile and connect with the client to accomplish the task. This online portal connects the businesses with the freelancers which mutually benefits both parties.


This freelancing platform is designed keeping in mind the needs of the software engineers, business consultants, and designers for they can get hired easily using this platform. Businesses and corporations that are looking for skilled professionals will find the best talent on this portal.


When it comes to finding online jobs in the Philippines, 199jobs also deserve mention. It comes as no surprise that this Pinoy-centric job platform caters to the needs of those freelancers who search for short term projects and want to make money quickly, too. It is more than easy to create a profile and start sifting through the options to find a project that you’ll love.


It is obvious that there is no dearth of options for freelancers given that they are laced with important skills to make their mark in the competitive market. Even though we have tried covering some leading freelancing portals, there are several other worthwhile options, also- EasyOutSource,, and Rarejob to name a few. Browse through these websites and find the most suitable one for your needs. Always remember, there’s nothing better than working at your pace, and that too in the comfort of one’s own home.


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