The vastness seen in the web development and design industry clearly shows how rapidly the technology industry is progressing. From the integration of advanced components like the superhuman intelligence of Artificial intelligence to augmenting a completely different world by AR, the development industry is full of many surprises backed with innovations.

If you want to enjoy the center stage, you need to arm with techniques that can make you surpass your competitors in a blink. So, here is a list of hacks and tricks that can give an upper hand in the development game. Read on!

The Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Web Design:

The trend in the year 2019 is personalization. You need to provide users with a highly personalized and interactive interface. Keeping a user-centric approach must be your aim to achieve. With AI technology in your armory, you can outshine your rivals in a breeze. AI helps in giving users a personalized experience.

By integrating AI bots in your site, you can analyze what your customers want. In many retail stores, the AI bots are helping customers in shopping efficiently. From analyzing customer behavior to storing their searched history, these bots are super intelligent.


JavaScript has always been the most important programming language for developing websites that can deliver flawless performance. It can assist you in building fast, responsive and seamless websites with user-centric interfaces. You do not have to worry about poor speed or downtime if you combine the effectiveness of JavaScript with a best VPS hosting plan. You can provide a completely new flair of creativity with unmatched expertise for your target audience.

Progressive Web App:

PWA- Progressive Web Apps are a modern version of native apps. These apps are accessible through browsers by entering the domain name in the search bar. The site will navigate you towards the web app. These apps are efficient, as they do not soak up your mobile phone storage. You get to access and use them whenever you want.

The trend of using PWA has been in the news for a couple of years but it is still making progress. So, you can adapt it to generate double folds on your investments.

Intrinsic Web Design:

The aesthetics of your site play a vital role in capturing the attention of the target audience. You can draw more traffic to your site if you manage to produce a captivating website. You have to use negative spaces more efficiently infusing rich meaning and useful purposes in there. Your site is the first and most significant platform to demonstrate your brand and it ought to be good. So, be choosier when working on the graphics.

The Addition of Visuals:

Visuals can boost the online recognition of your website. When developing a site you can include micro animation in it to provide an easy to follow interface to your customers. Micro animation adds an intuitive touch in your website and makes the experience even more interactive. The sight of moving objects looks fascinating to viewers. As per the record, human mind comprehends information 60,000 times faster than any form of static text. So, you can efficiently deliver your message across.

Right Placement of Call to Action:

One of the biggest mistakes many newbie developers create is the giving least importance to the use of CTA. You must know how to perfectly use the call to actions and place them at the spots where they can gain maximum visibility. You must plan out your website in a way that you gradually lead the visitor towards your CTA button.

In gradual steps, your visitor must be converted into a potential lead and eventually into a prospective customer. The entire process is included in the customer journey that you can map proficiently, making the right use of your expertise and techniques.


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