The pregnancy test may be taken and the good news would be shared with everyone. Though you might be feeling happy but from the inside you can be en caustic. The feeling of sadness or a sense of hopelessness might creep on to you. In order to compound the situation, you can even feel guilty on how to become unhappy. In case if you feel that you are the only person suffering from such a situation then you are not wrong. Nearly 1 out of 10 women face up to suicidal thoughts during pregnancy and this arises from depression.

How to confer the fact that you are suffering from depression?

A simple set of symptoms would not point to occurrence of depression as it varies from a person to person. In case if you are experiencing all of the below symptoms it could point to the occurrence of depression

  • Appetite reducing or loss of sleep
  • Trouble to avail some sleep or sleeping too much
  • A sense of guilt
  • A sense of guilt or self -harm

There are some symptoms such as fatigue or changes in the eating or sleeping patterns which could be the normal side effects of pregnancy. But if your symptoms starts to persist for a longer period of time and start to interfere with your daily or personal life then you could be suffering from depression. It could point to a situation that you are going to need immediate help.

It is better that you should not wait till this point of time to seek help. In case if you are facing any problems it is better to get in touch with your doctor for further help.

What has gone on to trigger depression?

People are known to suffer from depression because of various situations. The main cause has to be the level of stress. The symptoms of pregnancy can be overwhelming that would be a cause of depression. Pregnant and suicidal thoughts tend to arise. If a woman is already feeling low for a number of reasons and pregnancy may add up to the causes, then depression is likely to increase.

If you did go on to have a mental condition at an earlier point of time the chances of relapse could go on to occur at a later stage in life. If a mild mental problem occurs it can lead to issues but this would vary from one person to another.

There are some people who are likely to get depression more than the others. In case if your family has a history of depression then the chances are that they would be more reasons for depression. There are various factors that can contribute to depression.

To conclude, depression during pregnancy is something that needs to be dealt with a lot of care and precision. The problem would be compounded with the fact that nearly most of the symptoms of pregnancy are confused with that of depression. You need to take care of things at the earliest.


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