Safety bollards are used to create a protective perimeter and they are also installed to serve as a visual guide. They can guide traffic and marking boundaries.   They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. The article will tell you everything you should know about security bollards.

Different Types Of Materials Used In Making Safety Bollards

They are made from different materials they all have different nature and qualities. You can choose the material of the bollard as per your requirement. Following are the major materials used in making these bollards:

Safety Bollards
Safety Bollards
  • Aluminum
  • Iron
  • Concrete
  • Plastic
  • Recyclable metal and plastic
  • Standard Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Structural grade steel
  • Cast steel
  • Polyethene

Different Types Of Safety Bollards: 

There are many types of safety bollards that are being used nowadays some of the major types are mentioned below:

  • Temporary bollards: If you are looking for the removable bollards then you can use temporary ones. They can be easily removed from the property whenever required.
  • Permanent bollards:  They are stronger than the removable bollards and can’t be removed once placed.
  • Retractable bollards: they are used to limit the vehicle access in the exit and entry points of the building.
  • Automatic bollards:  they provide easy access and control.  You don’t have to control them manually as they are battery or remote operated.
  • Flexible plastic bollards:  they are perfect for controlling high traffic areas. You can be used to control the traffic in the night as well by using fluorescent colors or adding lightning to them.
  • Decorative bollards:  They are capable of not only securing the area but also enhancing the overall look of the landscaping or building.  Round Concrete Bollards and Stainless-steel bollards are two decorative types of bollards that are majorly used to enhance safety and look both.

Usage of safety bollards: 

Here are the important areas that make use of safety bollards perfectly: 

Safety Bollards
Safety Bollards
  • To control the traffic: they are used to prevent spillover parking on sidewalks or reduce the speed of traffic by narrowing the lanes. They can also reduce accidents if placed rightly.
  • To reduce darkness: many safety bollards come with a lighting device to illuminate the dark areas and to discourage the wrongdoers. They also help in marking the sensitive area.
  • Temporary traffic control measures: The places that require heavy and concentrated traffic management at certain times like school area, temples, factories these bollards are very effective for the management of such places. The portable bollards play an important role in such areas because they can be positioned anywhere at any time.
  • Deflecting tires: Bell-shaped bollards are used for deflecting the tires of vehicles across the world. They help in safeguarding property and pedestrians from vehicles.
  • Safety at racing events: these bollards are used by officials to mark sharp corner and different segments of raceways.  They thus, enhance the safety of the racers effectively.
  • Block the danger zone: the can be used to lock the areas that require fall protection, they may also be placed to keep the public away from crime spot or they can be used to distinguish different lotions. They act as perfect barriers for vehicles and pedestrians both.
  • Preserve historic sides: They are used to protect historic sites that can easily damage. They control the careless activities of people as well as vandalism.

In the fast-paced world where the human population is rising constantly, it has become important to enhance the safety measures in public areas and safety bollards are quite effective for this purpose.


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