Any building will not be completed just with the bricks, sand, and cement alone. To complete the construction of the building it is required to have the support of various divisions like electricity, plumbing, flooring, interior, and exterior decorators and a few others as well. Among them, plumbing is completely responsible for the water connection to the kitchen and bathroom. When doing the plumbing work the different plastic fittings have to be used and they play an important role during the whole process of plumbing.  The article will tell you about different plastic fittings and how to buy the right one.  Let’s first understand the different types of plastic fittings.

Types Of Plastic Fittings. 

These Are The Common Types Of Plastic Fittings That Are Used In Plumbing Majorly:

Plasting Fittings
Plasting Fittings
  • Tees: They appear like “T” and are used when you need a 90-degree pipe connection in the straight pipeline.
  • Elbows: There are 45-degree and 90-degree elbows, and they are used when you need to connect two pipes that need to be turned.
  • Cross: They are like a “+” symbol and used to connect 4 pipes in the 90-degree angles. When you need to divide the flow of liquid to another direction you may use these plastic fittings.
  • Coupling and union: this is generally used just to connect two pipes in the same direction.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Plastic Fittings

Without the help of such plastic fitting it is not possible to complete the plumbing work in your building, here are some tips and things that you will need to remember when you are looking for plastic fittings.

Water Pressure

Generally, there are two types in the plastic fittings like 40 and 80 PVC, both of them have their own usage. The type that you need to choose will be based on your water pressure. 40 PVC will work when your water pressure is low, whereas 80 PVC has thick walls and it is the best when required for high water pressure.

Diameter And Size

The diameter is the one that will decide the amount of water that you may receive in the extreme end of the pipe. It is good to have more diameters where you need more water; for example, if you are making a connection in one pipe till some distance and following in divisions. The initial pipe should have a higher diameter and followed with a lower diameter.


Plasting Fittings
Plasting Fittings

There are different colors in the plastic fittings, when you choose them it is better when you choose the color that is matching and relates the wall color of the house to give a uniformed look.


Plumbing is not only used on housing, but they are also used in all the buildings like schools, hospitals, industries, hotels, malls, etc. so think of for what you are looking for the plastic fitting and make the selection appropriately.

It is also required to give importance to the safety measures of the plastic fittings since sometimes they may be laid underground and should not be disturbed. Make sure you are making appropriate measure to save them and look to that they are not in the place that may need to dig.

Also, make sure you are placing them appropriately in relation to the electricity since water is the good conductor of electricity and they both will not agree with each other in the matter of safety. Make the right research and have a good quality of plastic fittings to have an efficient connection of water in your building.


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