The motherboard is the most important part in a laptop. It is not a cheap piece if you want to change, and has many integrated and electronic components susceptible to failure, being a circuit in itself with many capacitors, integrated, and other components that are usually small.

Sometimes a voltage surge can occur, or a component fails. Depending on which is, the plate will be put on protection and will be turned off, or it will burn other components obtaining the same result.

There are not many electronics workshops that are dedicated to repairing the plate. Usually in many computer stores they will tell us that they have to change it, or that they have to buy another computer. That is a mistake, because usually, as long as there is a schematic of the board, you can follow the circuit and find out what has to be changed. Other times it will be visible to the naked eye what component has been burned, and it can be replaced and see if making the repair has been successful.

A repair plate comes to an account, because it is a verified repair, with a 6 month warranty, and that will result in a more affordable price than the one that will be budgeted with a change of the same. The result will be that we have the laptop repaired exactly as we had it before the problem and of course without losing any of our personal information.

Electronics workshops have indications that the plate has been damaged when:

  • Smoke has come out of the laptop and does not turn on.
  • The laptop does absolutely nothing.
  • It turns on for a second and goes off

It’s not always what we think. That is why it is important to take the laptop to a trusted technical service, since in many cases when you open the laptop and close it again it turns on, and everything has been in shock. In a workshop that is not noble we can say that they have repaired the plate, while what they have done has been to open and close the equipment. For this reason Laptop repair in Delhi are the trusted workshop of many customers who bring the laptop for years knowing that we do not act with these bad practices.

Theoretically, it is possible to repair absolutely any fault. However, not everyone can repair a laptop. In this case it is not about capacity (there is a lot of information on the Internet), but about fear of worsening the situation. For this reason children learn to use a computer better than adults, since (children) are not afraid to press all buttons without any order or reason. If you are afraid of making the situation worse, it is better to turn to professionals. Simply contact Laptop repair in Delhi and they will take care of fixing the fault. Not all failures can be repaired at home and, therefore, your laptop can be collected for a week or even months.

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