Contrary to what some people assume, print advertising is a long way from becoming obsolete. Although many companies today have shifted towards digital marketing as their primary method of advertising products and services, experts still recommend that every business needs to have a balanced approach in incorporating both print and digital media. The continued viability of print media cannot be denied; hence, the following are the most effective print media for advertising.

Newspaper and magazine ads

Newspapers and magazines have reduced circulation but remain a valuable method of disseminating information. Many local businesses still rely on printed media to advertise products and services to their target market. Since newspapers and magazines either get circulated regionally or nationally, you can select which option best suits the needs of your company.

Billboard and banner ads

Billboard and banner ads are very popular in mobile locations. It is another type of targeted advertising medium which is both effective and economical. There are many types of banners you can use to reach a broad audience. Banner printing is not only suited for outdoor locations but is also very useful for indoor areas. For example, you can strategically place printed banner ads inside a store to promote new products. Banners are also commonly found in public locations where people usually congregate such as train stations and bus stops.

Moreover, banners are also popular in exhibits and conventions. Another advantage of a banner ad is that it is a highly visual advertising method which you can easily customise according to your needs.

Advertising through direct mail

Direct mail advertising has fallen behind email advertising in popularity, but it does not mean it is no longer viable and effective. There is a particular customer base that prefers receiving mail, rather than opening an email. If your customer base is mainly composed of an older demographic, you may want to invest in printing brochures and pamphlets and sending them through direct mail. Direct mail advertising can be a form of reinforcing your digital marketing efforts to strengthen its efficacy.

How to make sure that print ads are effective

One of the challenges with print ads is measuring its effectiveness. Unlike digital marketing methods, you cannot gather data from physical print ads and analyse it to determine whether you are reaching your conversion and sales goals. Nevertheless, print ads worked for decades, even before digital marketing became the trend. As such, it remains an attractive way to get the attention of consumers and disseminate information to them.

Print advertising tends to be highly targeted, which means that it is essential to ensure proper placement if you want the best results. Similar to digital marketing, you need to begin by understanding your customer profile before you create an advertising strategy.

In conclusion, every business needs to recognise that success means you need to acknowledge the importance of both digital and print advertising. A good marketing plan is a balanced approach which takes advantage of the pros and cons of different types of advertising methods to keep the cost economical yet maximise positive results.


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