With almost all the women these days are working and hardly getting any “me-time”, it has got difficult for them to take care of their health and beauty. There is a constant reminder to treat it right; the skin is the foremost thing that starts sending signals once it feels neglected. With acne and skin breakouts appearing almost overnight, the skin cells begin to respond to the intense heat and dirt that an individual faces the entire time they are out for work.

Hence, it is necessary to take care of the facial skin and the portions exposed to natural light before going to bed. Nights are the best time to apply cremes and lotions as they work the best when your entire body is at rest. Here are some of the beauty regimes that one must follow at night:

  • Removing makeup:

With cleansing being mentioned, it is a crucial part of your night beauty regime to remove your makeup properly before you hit the bed. If any part of your face still bears traces of your makeup, know that it is awful for your skin.  You should have a clean face devoid of any makeup on your skin. The traces of makeup if left behind, start affecting your skin by clogging the pores up entirely, and your skin fails to breathe. It will lead to several skin problems and infections. Check out HotOzCoupons for more options.

  • Cleansing:

Cleaning your face correctly is extremely necessary if you have been out for work the entire day. No matter how long you sit in an air-conditioned room, the dirt and pollutants from all over start attacking your skin and creating havoc. Even without your knowledge, you will begin facing rashes and skin infections out of nowhere.  Hence cleansing your face properly before you go to bed is very important.

  • Toning:

Use the right toner to tone your skin after you are done with your process of cleansing. It helps in calibrating your skin. There are two kinds of people out there. One, who think that there is entirely no necessity to tone your skin up, and the second, who swears by a toner. People with sensitive skin should go by the alcohol-free toners. It is vital to use a toner as it helps you maintain the pH levels and the moisture levels of your skin.

  • Moisturise:

With the face, completely off any makeup, gently dab your face with a towel, do not scratch your face or rub with the same. A simple dabbing motion will soak up the waters off your face. Excessive scrubbing of your face with a towel may lead to irritations and itching. Take some moisturiser on your palm in the shape of a coin and gently smear it all over your face. Smooth application to the areas under the eye is essential. Massage your face with an outward circular motion and press the under eyes very softly. These help in the circulation of blood.

  • Eye-creme:

Applying eye creme are incredibly beneficial for people who work for long hours sitting in front of computers at their office. Just applying some eye cremes over and under the eyes help you soothe the eyes and provide some preventative care. The skin around your eyes is delicate. It, hence, requires some creme with peptides that help them rejuvenate over the night.

  • Aloe Vera benefits:

Aloe Vera is a wild shoot, but the beneficial constituents that it has are unimaginable. It helps in treating all kinds of skin problems. Putting some aloe Vera gel on your face and arms will keep your skin hydrated and jovial. The pores are kept open letting your skin breathe.

  • Hydration:

Drink loads and loads of water before you go to bed. Keeping yourself hydrated will help your skin stay clean and fresh. Drinking water in abundance keeps the skin out of all the harmful elements and enables you to flush out the impurities.

  • Hydrating serum:

Applying a hydrating serum will help the skin stretch, relax over the night, and leave you with a fresh and bubbly skin in the morning. These are made out of excellent constituents that help the skin freshen up if your skin is a sensitive one. The special hyaluronic acid rich serum absorbs quite quickly and does not make the skin patchy or oily.

These nighttime beauty regimes are necessary for all the hardworking women out there who barely get time for themselves. This is a regular skin care routine that does not involve any fake, abnormal products or its constituents and is all good for the skin. If this regime is repeatedly followed, results are sure to show up within a few weeks.


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