When you are looking forward to printing something of your choice, it can be a kid’s book, a classic novel, a bestseller or magazine etc. then what are the first thoughts that come to your mind? Other than the very fact that you have to write, it is “How to get it printed?”

Printing is no more a tough job for us to conquer because people nowadays don’t go looking for publishers door to door so as to get their copies selected and then printed. Self-publishing, Print-on-Demand Book Printing are some of the options frequently exercised these days.

What is a Print-on-Demand Book Printing?

The process of printing books with digital technology on demand and in limited quantity unlike the traditional method of printing is known as Print-on-Demand Book Printing. The entire emphasis is on printing the book “on demand”, it is like printing small quantities as and when the need be which is basically for short-run purposes.

Since everything comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages so here is a list of all the benefits that you can get from Print-on-Demand Book Printing: –

  • Cost Effective: In Print-on-Demand Book printing the upfront cost can be reduced to a great extent because you print only as many copies as required at the given point of time. The goal is not to make the published book a best seller, but to earn profits from every single copy sold. So, one saves money without compromising with the quality standards of printing. The idea is not to print too many copies but to print in the required quantity.
  • Order in Limited Quantity: This is the best advantage of Print-on-Demand Book printing that you have the option to choose the quantity you want to print. Instead of printing too much in one go, you can choose a selected number and then re-print again as and when the need be. One has full control over the quantity from the very start. You print as per the market forces of demand and supply, which means when you have readers demanding to read the book or magazine or whatever material you are printing.
  • The advantage of changing the cover and content: This is a real-time advantage of Print-on-Demand Printing as you can enjoy the benefit of improving the content of your book or publishing material depending upon the review you get after selling the first copy or copies for a few readers. Even mistakes at the time of printing can be corrected for when you have a next slot waiting to be printed as per demand. Right from typos to grammatical errors to any last-minute editing can be done for when you are going for Print-on-Demand Printing.
  • Freedom of choice: With the self-publishing industry booming a little every day, it becomes easy for us to go for Print-on-Demand printing as it allows us the option to publish anything and everything. Right from publishing manuscripts to a novel to a book with pictures one can choose his or her content and then get their imagination printed in the form of paper. The choice rests in your hand where you don’t have to consider a third party’s opinion or anything.
  • Selling copies to sellers as a form of resale: With Print-on-Demand printing, one has the option to sale the already printed copies to sellers in a fixed quantity like Amazon or other online sellers of books, magazine and published materials. You can exercise the IngramSpark coupon codes to avail a great price on the sale. This provides an advantage for the first-time publishers or authors who are not sure whether they can sell as many quantities or reach as many readers or not.
  • Sample Testing: This one is another significant advantage of Print-on-Demand Book Printing, that is you can run a sample test by printing one or two copies, or you can choose to order a sample from the printing house to know whether it is going to suit your choice of prints or not.
  • No baggage of the unsold books: Every author is happy for when they see their books hit the best seller list, but do you know how much of baggage they bear? With Print-on-Demand facility one doesn’t have to worry about the copies or books that are not sold and become a major junk in their storerooms because you only print as per the demand for the book among the readers.


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